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  1. I was overly exited about my new toy and my current situation and did not really think this statement out very well. My wife and I have recently started new jobs, have moved back to Florida, and everything has been falling into place after years of hardship and uncertainty. Obviously all is not right in the world and my thoughts and prayers are with any who may be adversely affected by these unprecedented times we are all living through.
  2. Hello All, I am excited to be the proud new owner of a Kamado grill. After having been on the fence for a time on which grill to get, in the end it was hard to beat a fully outfitted unit for $599. Observations so far: 1. I had been planning to take the lid off to make the unit lite enough to set inside the stand by myself before I even settled on the grill I was getting. I could lift the bottom half off the tailgate of my truck, but I did not feel comfortable trying to walk or squat down with it without help - even with the lid a and guts removed. So this is a two person job, at least it was for me. 2. Taking the lid off is easy. Putting the lid back on is not. Even with three zip ties to hold it closed, the spring loaded hinge will still open enough to make it a pain to get the ring to close around the top again and lined up in the groove. And as you tighten the ring the top will twist around, making lining up the top a guessing game taking several tries to get right. 3. The stand seems very well made and a lot more robust than it appears in pictures. There is probably less that an inch of adjustment on the the casters if you need to level the grill (my patio slopes for drainage). 4. I have seen no need to make any modifications to the vents or lid alignment. I have found no leaks that I can see, and the fire dies out quickly when I shut it down. The bottom vent is very loose, but until I try a low and slow cook I will leave it alone. At most, I may need to tap the channels closed with a hammer a little. (Honestly though, I never had to mod my Akron either) 5. Interesting facts about the warranty. The Costco website (instruction manual PDF download copyright 2019) and the paper work inside the box (also 2019) state a limited lifetime warranty on ceramic parts. The Louisiana Grill website states five years as of 9/03/2018. Not sure if that is a Costco only thing or if the website is in need of updating, but I will be checking to see if the grill does have a lifetime warranty or five years. 6. The actual cooking cooking surface is a little shy of 20" per grate, and the first thing I did was bend the eyes open where the grate halves are hinged (on the top half) so I could use only half of it. 7. I really don't see what the big deal is about the heat diffuser, it isn't as good as a woo ring set-up but it works fine for me. 8. My thermometer reads about 220 when in boiling water so no complaints there. 9. The added cover you get from Costco is a nice bonus for a covered porch but I don't think it would be great in the open. 10. The lid gasket is made of a woven material that looks well made compared to the felt gaskets I have seen on other grills. Over all I am more than pleased and the craftsmanship is excellent. I had planned on this being a place holder until I could get a Big Joe, but honestly I don't see the need now. Long term I may get some different grates and racks but for now I just need to get a small shop vac to clean out the ash. So far I have cooked burgers, chicken wings, pork chops, and chicken fajitas. This weekend I will be doing a home cured ham, a whole chicken, and a chuck roast with roasted potatoes and carrots. All is right in the world
  3. I had an Akorn for years, great grill. I am dying to see how the lamb turns out, keep us posted! I have always wanted to try my hand a lamb
  4. How long/what temp on the cut ribs? I have thought of trying that myself and now I think I will. I agree, I don't like my ribs cooked like pulled pork either. Honestly when I do St Louis style, I eat the rib tips as soon as they are cooked through and they are usually way better than the ribs. I think I am going to try it at about 350-400 over direct heat. Excellent idea on the top grate also.
  5. That is impressive! How many racks does it take to feed that many?
  6. Depending on how hard this economic downturn hits me, I may end up getting one. I know long term I am going to want a higher quality product.
  7. That is one reason I have waited so long, I was afraid to move one of those things.Thanks Thanks! I appreciate the input, thanks!
  8. Hello All, I have been without a decent grill since my Akorn died about four years ago. I have been cooking an a 14" table top Weber grill since waiting on some things to fall in to place so I could justify buying a new grill. Anyway, I have been in the market for a new grill for months now and have spent a lot of time reading on this site - thanks by the way, so I thought I would join the group and maybe add mt $.02 here and there. I have known exactly what grill I wanted for a long time (Big Joe), but unfortunately the big name brands are a little outside my wife's budget. The Akorn was a wonderful grill, but for just a little more, I can get a ceramic grill. So the decision on which has the best bang for your buck has been looming. Right now Costco has a LA/PB K24 for 699 delivered I believe, and that seems hard to beat. The only thing concerning is the 5 year warranty. It also looks like I can pick up a KJ Classic for around 750, but I am just not sure 18" is big enough. I used to fill my Akorn up regularly, but coming off 14" gill maybe an 18" would seem big? Who knows... Decisions Decisions. I wish there was not such a huge price difference with the Joes.
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