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  1. Recently bought the KJ Classic 3 and love it after a week plus of cooking. Only issue at this point is that following a couple of cooks with fattier meats (smoked meatloaf and beer can chicken) is that the top gent dial is stuck shut. Appears to be some fat that once cooled effectively locking the vent. The big dial still opens and I assume when I hear it back up that will loosen and won’t be an issue. Wondering if others have had similar challenges and any suggestion for cleaning?
  2. Just bought a KJ Classic 3 and fired it up this morning to get a little experience but after 2 hours and all vents wide open could only get it up to 300 degrees. I’m thinking I just didn’t have enough charcoal as I only put charcoal and one side (using the divider) and probably half full, so about 1/4 full in total. Any suggestions welcome including what you use to get a strong fire started! Going to try a pork loin tonight so plan to take out the divider and fill the basket about half full this time. Thanks in advance!
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