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  1. Sometimes you just have to make time for what is important!
  2. Just saw this and don't know what it is. I have an original Classic. Do you have a picture? Where are you? Interesting username; I'm a previous UH-1/OH-6 pilot.
  3. Wait a minute...You mean all this time it hasn't been my tools?? Now I guess you're going to say it's not the grill, it's the cook. Geesh!
  4. Thank you. I have emailed the company that makes cypress tables; they don't ship and they require payment in cash. A bit of a far drive for me.
  5. Well, pmillen, I believe Desiderata was right in this case!
  6. I only know what my friend sent but, even if PhilPom is correct, this is still better than when Princess Leah pushed on C3PO asking, "Help me, OBI Wan Kenobi".
  7. A friend sent me this in an email and I thought you would all enjoy it. I remember when holograms were a novelty 50 years ago. This is a holographic projection of a Whale. It is a photographic process that produces images thanks to the differences between two laser beams. These images are projected into a gym using a special camera. There is not a drop of water in this room, let alone a whale. Projectionholographique1.mp4
  8. They say that Indian women only warned their children once of the danger of getting too close to the fire, then let them decide for themselves and see for themselves what would happen . If you do this it might be your time to see what happens. Good luck.
  9. If I understand this thread correctly and John's post quoted above, there are no replacement fire boxes being fabricated that are one-piece; only multi-piece replacements are available and they may not fit the older versions because of variations in the dimensions of the base. That is disturbing to me because my Classic must be an original model, as it also has a one-piece fire box like the one in SlowmotionQue's picture. But the callous disregard and dismissive response of this totally uncaring customer support person that is what is most unacceptable and disturbing to me. It will
  10. Tread softly: the expertise and cooking experiences of the people on this Forum will prove to be a strong influence on you and may lead you down the very road of temptation of which you speak.
  11. Welcome, Annie. Its good to have you with us!
  12. Psst . . . Hey, Buddy . . . wanna buy some primo lump charcoal? Yeah, Yeah, its legit. Just act innocent, make sure you're not being tailed, and meet me at my truck in 5.
  13. Great picture. Looks like he's been dusted with some BBQ rub.
  14. So the grill temp allows the meat to cook but the paper (obviously) doesn't burn. Good to know; I might need to wrap myself in some of that when our private version of Family Feud plays out in my household from time to time.
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