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  1. when you say ~170 for foil wrap and ~205 as "done", where are you probing? in the flat? point? in the middle?
  2. I'm going to try another brisket on my Big Joe. The past 2 or 3 have not turned out like I want. The flat cooks so much faster than the point, and so I'm not sure about when to take it off to let it sit, wrapped in a cooler. Can anyone give me advice here? I have a 15 pound Prime sitting in my fridge. I thought about splitting the point from the flat, and cooking them next to each other, and taking off each one when a desire temp is reached, but I've not done that I'm not sure whether it's a good idea.
  3. so, the portion that read 192 still came out done??
  4. I've been getting prime at HEB, a quality grocery store in our area.
  5. I'm having trouble with my briskets. I've got a Big Joe, and have cooked numerous briskets on it, as recent as 4 days ago. I usually cook 13-15lb briskets purchased at local grocery store. The problem is that the flat is coming out too dry. I cook low and slow at about 225-250. I've tried spraying it during the cook, wrapping it in foil after it reaches 150-160 degrees on the flat, cooking it with a bowl of water next to the meat, I wrap it in towels immediately after taking off the Joe and put in a ice chest for about 1-2 hours. I always have two probes in it: one in the flat, and one
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