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  1. My comments on preferring made in USA is not an indictment of the quality of the other Kamado brands at hand. It is more of a "buy local" / keep your money local where and whenever possible mentality. I honestly think dollar for dollar Kamado Joe is the best product out there. Thus I have bought an 18" round Primo and loaded it full of Kamado Joe accessories. Best of both worlds
  2. Agreed. The Primo line has plenty of size options. I have used my Oval JR as my daily driver for several years. Plenty of space. An Oval XL would be a monster and is equivalent if not larger than the Big Joe for usable space. I know have 2 Primo's. A Oval JR and the Round (18"). Overall I am satisfied with the quality of Primo other than Firebox issues with my Junior which are not that big of deal and they have stood behind from a warranty standpoint. Kamado Joe is probably the best bang for your buck but I agree I prefer Made in USA. Just as devils advocate, I would recommend 2 smaller grills vs 1 Monster size grill. Either identical (2) 18" Rounds or (1) 18" Round and an Oval Junior or Oval Large. If you get the 18" round you have the benefit of all the accessories out there at that size, like Joetisserie, Kamado Joe divide and conquer etc.
  3. KAB = Kick Ash Basket. (That abbreviation took me a while to figure out to!) Order direct from @KickAshChad website. https://www.kickashbasket.com/Oval-XL-Kick-Ash-Basket_p_44.html My Primo Junior has know gone thru a full split (into 2 pieces) twice. Primo warranty sent me a new one last fall. It cracked again this summer. They said they are changing the design, hopefully with a stress relief gap, and have been backed up on getting me a replacement. They told me November... back in August. I don't have it yet, probably time to check in! Both times mine was pinpointed to the Cast-iron firebox grate in the bottom being cracked that then expanded pushing against the firebox causing the cracks to start. Hence why the KAB is important, as you can get away without have to use the Cast Iron firebox grate. The KAB is also useful for many other reasons. In the meantime I got this idea from someone on this thread and its been working perfectly for me. Use this make a clamp kit (link below) to secure the 2 halves together https://www.menards.com/main/plumbing/plumbing-installation-repair/hose-clamps-pipe-support/breeze-trade-make-a-clamp-kit/4000/p-1468407189917-c-9424.htm?tid=8511207658231451680&ipos=1
  4. Yep thats as good as it gets. Wish I would've waited for this... that is an outstanding deal. Atlanta Grill standalone is the only thing that comes close to that for price I have seen.
  5. So after a few uses with new to me Primo Round... my thoughts after being a Primo Oval Jr as my daily driver for 3 years. KJ Flexible Cooking Rack & Deflectors are now in place. Still need to get the 1/2 moon grates. First impressions... a) Now I know why the Kick Ash Basket is so popular for typical 18" round Kamado. Comparing the Round vs the Oval Jr, It feels like the Grand canyon as far as filling charcoal in the firebox. b) With the tall/deep firebox getting to hot temps seems more difficult than my Primo Junior as airflow does not seem as good with the narrow bottom and minimal air vents. The bottom of the firebox on the Junior is actually larger. c) Similarly, in cold weather. Getting the Cooker to heat seams to be much quicker on my Oval Junior. Airflow and less ceramic likely being the cause d) To my wife's dismay, I think both cookers are staying in the stable. I cant see replacing the Junior entirely with the Round. The Round will likely be my go to for Long low and slow cooks, bigger roasts, turkey's etc. For day to day, Primo Junior so far is a better experience.
  6. Yea, I think the seller just thru a bunch of grill stuff together. Exceited to play with the new grill. 1st upgrade) KJ Divide & Conquer system 2nd upgrade) Kick Ash Basket 3rd upgrade) Smokeware Chimney cap
  7. I just bought a used Primo Round to join my first child (Oval Junior). Question.... what the hell is this for? I kind of quickly dissassembled it with the Craigslist seller and figured I would be able to figure it all out. Well other than this I did...
  8. Yea, the whole world is using Covid as an excuse for General incompetence and laziness
  9. @SmallBBQr Looking back on this thread... what Baking Steel have you been using? Do you still prefer it to your stone?
  10. I just spoke with them and they said it currently is still in the schedule and the plan is for them to have inventory in store to sell. Does anyone know what the Costco pricing has looked like this year for Road Shows?
  11. Does anyone know what the KJ Road Show pricing has been on the Classic 2? We have the first road show coming near me that I can remember occurring. Bellevue, WI 9/4 - 9/13 I am debating pulling the trigger on one thru Atlanta Grill or if I should make the 1 1/2 hour round trip to Costco. Also would snag some Big Block, I've never used but my understanding is it is great and normally at a good price at the Road Shows.
  12. $580 today only https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/masterbuilt-classic-kamado-grill/0000000344877?Ntt=Kamado&_requestid=1507571 $680 - $100 off coupon code SAVEGREEN . order online curbside pickup
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