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  1. Hi! I'll try . The Baltic states - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have quite big differences in their traditional kitchen. But smoked stuff - mostly pork and fish - is traditional in the area. So low and slow is the keyword. From seasoning - just salt, garlic, onions. From soviet time we inherited Shashlik - all kind of marinated meats on the skewer. There is one recipe for it - it's not classic, but results in very soft and juicy result. It can be used for pork shashlik or pork chops for grill: 1. Pork- neck, back (for chops), "soft cuts". For shashlik cut cubes, or pieces, big enough for 2 bites, ca 1 inch side. Pork chops - thickness around half inch (or thicker for slow cooking). Too small pieces dry out while cooking. 2. Onions. Lots of it. around same amount as meat. Punchy onions are the best, avoid so called salad onions. Just peel the loose dried layers, cut to rings. One normal sized onion makes 4-5 rings. 3. salt. By taste. Please notice, that onions reduce the saltiness. 4. black pepper, crushed or powdered 5. Apple juice. Natural, slow press, without added sugar, avoid all artificial sweeteners at all cost. Do not use the juice from high-speed centrifugal juicer, it has too specific taste. 6. Optional - approx teaspoonful per pound of meat- if you can get hold of Georgian spice mix "hmeli-suneli". It is the base of the spice mix for Caucasus area and suits well into this mix. Preparation: Cut the meat, put into pot in layers - start with onions, one layer meat, season with salt and pepper, layer of onions, repeat. Do not apply pressure to make it tight. Pour over with apple juice so it covers all the meat. Cover with lid or thin film. Put into fridge. After couple hours mix lightly, taste the marinade for salt (if needed add salt by taste). Let it stay in the fridge overnight. Small quantities can be marinated in plastic bag. Take meat out of marinade, pat dry, put onto skewers, spaced with onion rings. For pork chops put some onion rings on top while cooking. And to grill. Cook until done and golden brown. Be careful not to burn them, as there is sugar in juice and it tends to burn. So slow method seems to be the best. Can be grilled on hot also, but then needs to be watched and turned often so the crust will not burn. During cooking sprinkle with salt water - it helps to avoid crust burning. Hando
  2. Hi to everyone! As for most of us, this Corona business is strange thing, makes You to think alternative ways to spend time in quarantine. So I finally got the Kamado Joe Classic II with iKamand Had planned this long-long time.. After first try - low temperature pork neck, 6 hours at 140C - no regrets whatsoever.... Money well spent Hando
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