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  1. Not sure, but I have tried a couple different lump charcoals with the same result. The only way I have been able to get to temp fast (for searing) is by lighting the coal in the pit and adding a chimney full of hot coals. Still takes much longer
  2. I have tried John's method on several occasions. I'm never able to get to temp that fast. Usually it takes an hour or more. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  3. I was thinking the same thing, but the lack of bark suggests otherwise. I'm going to use my thermometer probe to check dome temp. Thanks
  4. Good morning everyone, I am struggling with cook times in the KJ. Most KJ recipes call for far longer cook times than I am achieving. For instance, I put a 9lb brisket in this morning at 8, by 9:45 it has already reached 165. In this particular case I am doing the Brisket with taters and onions. To help slow it down some, I am using lower temps, I.E. 200F. This brisket will be down by 1:00, 5 hours from start. This is consistent no matter what I am cooking. The other thing I observe is the lack of bark at the point where I cover the brisket. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy Labor Day
  5. Wondering where you all place your heat deflector? Do you place it on the lowest possible location on top of the ceramic ring? or higher up ?
  6. IS it just me or does the K-joe cook much faster than non ceramic smokers? I am finding ribs take less than three hours and an 8 lb brisket about 5. My old smoker took double that. Temps hold steady at ~225
  7. Thanks everyone. This is trim and error. I will use all the tricks you have suggested Happy cooking!
  8. There was a significant amount of small stuff. I will look into rockwood
  9. Then I am doing something wrong. There is always smoke exiting the Joe. I'll try a different brand of lump
  10. Hi board, I am new to the Kamado grill and cooking. Still in the learning stages and struggling with this and that. I am curious about lump charcoal. I notice a pretty significant woody flavor from the charcoal itself. It's present whether or not I add wood chunks like apple or hickory. Is this the norm or are there brands with less smoky taste?
  11. Wait, I am confused. I have a ceramic plate, 1/2"~ thick. Is that the deflector or pizza stone?
  12. Hi everyone, The last two times I slow cooked meat, ribs and a brisket, I used the heat deflector. Is that the norm when cooking low and slow? I noted that temperature was much easier to control as opposed to no defector. Without it, I had a hell of a time keeping the heat steady. Looking for feedback. Thanks
  13. I am having a hell of a time controlling temp. I can not keep it steady. Bottom open an inch top less than one notch and it's at 300. SMH. This is going to take some tome to learn
  14. Thanks everyone. Going to do this again today. I will let the board know the results. Does anyone recommend using a hydro like water or apple juice in the Kamado for the duration?
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