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  1. Does anyone else have issues using the divide and conquer and the top rack slipping off the stand? Kinda frustrating if you bump it to hard it comes off the middle stands and falls. Any advice?
  2. Chasdev - that's a hilarious dream, and very clever. Much more useful than my dreams! I think I'm leaving it on the peel (learned something new if that's what a big pizza spatula is called), it is metal, not wood and I'm probably leaving it on it to long as we added the toppings while sitting on it with the last 3 pies. The idea of stretching it out on the parchment paper, then flipping it onto the stone and then adding toppings after it's on the stone might work. Would have to be quick adding the sauce and toppings. Practice, Practice, Practice. Thanks for the ideas and comments. Smoking salmon this weekend is next on the Big Joe to do list.
  3. Need some help from the KJ family... I have done about a dozen pizza's on my Big Joe and they taste great! Using a local Pizza shop dough balls and have stretched them out and also rolled them out for thinner crust. Here's my problem...I was rolling these or stretching on my granite counter and using plenty of flour and corn meal on the counter top. I get the pizza's all dressed up and then have problems getting them up and off the countertop without disforming them. I bought a large Big Green Egg pizza spatula and started building the pizza dough and toppings on it so I can just pick it up and go to the Joe. That worked, but my biggest issue is getting the pizza to slide off the spatula and onto the pizza stone without making a mess and having the dough stick and bunch up. I use plenty of corn meal on the spatula to slide it off, but no luck. End up using a small spatula to get under the dough to help lift it up and slide it off. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. Any advice on how to get the dough off the counter/spatula and onto the stone without messing up the pizza's nice round shape and size? Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I had mastered by weber kettle grill and wanted to diversify my bbq with the Big Joe and feel like a rookie again. I have been practicing for the last month or so and getting better. Still figuring out when to use the heat deflector. Pizza's have turned out really good. I read all the reviews before buying and went with the Big Joe as everyone said go big or regret it. I will say for two people, the Big Joe is a little too big and a charcoal hog. Looking forward to to trying to smoke a small turkey this week. Haven't checked to see if John has a smoked turkey video, any advice different than doing a big rotisserie chicken? Buffalo burgers tonight!
  5. John - I watched a few of your videos and it looks like my fit is similar to yours in the video. I'll give it a try and see how things go. Thank you!
  6. So the lid isn't suppose to latch tight with the rotisserie on it? Sounds like others are saying the temp is hard to control and it leaks smoke this way? I haven't put the motor on or any meat, so does the weight keep it secure while it rotates? I've never used a rotisserie so this is a new gadget for me? Thanks for any advice.
  7. Need some help please. Just bought a new Big Joe and got the matching Rotisserie. It won't fit? The lid won't close and latch? I've taken out all of the racks from inside and have moved it forward, backward, sideways trying to position it and nothing works. Tried emailing and calling Kamado Joe and they are not responding to anything to do the current virus shut down. Any ideas? Thanks
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