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  1. P.S. Actually end to end is more like 19 inches.
  2. Hi Barry, This looks like the 2020 model of the Louisiana Grills kamado. Why don't you get in touch with Louisiana Grills at service@louisiana-grills.com ? They may agree to send you a replacement spring.
  3. Hi All, Today I bought myself a used kamado here in the UK. It has been used but not in the last few years so a new gasket would be needed. Also, there is a lot of rust on the metal parts and some of them may even need replacing (maybe some upgrades as well). The ceramic part is in great condition, except the firebox but this is not too much of trouble. What I am struggling to find out is the brand. Can't find it written on the kamado and the seller isn't sure, I think. What I was told is that the unit is 8 years old. Does somebody here have an idea what the brand coul
  4. From what I've seen, pretty much the only difference between this year's models of Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss is the latch. Louisiana Grills have a magnetic latch, and Pit Boss have a latch which reminds me of the latch of Kamado Joe. Here are 2 videos showing the Pit Boss with the new latch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tktlDYobkXU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zvD1CLkvlU
  5. I made it today and I am very happy with the result. Thank you for the recipe, John!
  6. Welcome desp4038, and Congrats on the purchase! This kamado is a great buy and a fantastic value for money! I got the 2020 Louisiana Grills 24 from Costco UK a couple of weeks ago. I know it differs from unit to unit, but mine has been pretty good so far. The gauge shows correct (tried it over boiling water), I haven't spotted much leak at the lower vent or around the top vent (though I still added a 2nd layer of seal there). The only little problem I spotted is that even with closed daisy wheel I can see some smoke coming out from the top. Have you experienced this? It's not a big problem as
  7. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to say Hi. I am a beginner in the art of kamado cooking and still learning the ropes. After carefully reading this fantastic forum (and after some tough negotiations with the missus), I recently bought a Louisiana Grill 24-inch (which is pretty much the same as Pit Boss) from Costco UK. I am just starting my kamado journey so I hope I will be able to share my experience here and learn some new things from you guys!
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