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  1. Basically a reverse sear. When I do that, the only differences are 1) I slow cook at 250 instead of 300, 2) I go for an internal temp of ~117 to pull from the slow cook and only put it back on when the hot side is good and hot - like 500+. I do 90-120 seconds per side, then it's done (medium rare) regardless of what the thermometer says. -Andrew
  2. I independently arrived at this idea myself too... once I smell that nice wood smoke flavor I love, it's time to put the meat on. -Andrew
  3. THIS explains why my skirt was very tough even though I treated it right and cooked it right... had no idea there was difference, but apparently this is a real thing. -Andrew
  4. They had a fair amount of B&B at Ace near me in Youngsville NC last weekend. I picked up 2 bags. There was Cowboy too, if you're into that sort of thing. -Andrew
  5. What Dobro Dane said. And for my money, I'd rather have the ribeye since it's also one of the tastiest, beefiest cuts to grill. -Andrew
  6. I put the pan on coils of aluminium foil on the deflectors. The foil creates a buffer from the heat of the stones, preventing the goop from burning. Never thought about the accessory rack, though - good idea if it works well for you. -Andrew
  7. Awesome! You'll love the Classic II, I'm sure. -Andrew
  8. I have only ever used the lower position where they fit without the accessory rack. I use them for 2 things - low and slow (which generally means under 300) and reverse sear, which does mean it gets really hot with the deflector on the non-searing side. I don't remove it after the low/slow/smoke phase of the reverse sear. I haven't had any issues yet, but I've only done that maybe 5 or 6 times. -Andrew
  9. I am very interested in hearing more... -Andrew
  10. 45 to an hour for me, typically, depending on target temps and such. I like it to get nice and stable for a low/slow. For hotter I get things on closer to the 45 minute mark. My Big Joe is a in a spot that's fairly sheltered from wind, so it take a bit to heat up. It seems to go going a little faster/hotter if I leave the dome open a few minutes extra (10-15 minutes) with 3 starters. -Andrew
  11. Good reminder to periodically check it! -Andrew
  12. Thanks all. I was also considering the KJ basket. I'm in no hurry in any case. I think I prefer the simplicity of the KAB design versus the OEM, but still could be swayed. I guess I'll go for one of these soon enough and not sweat the durability - it seems the current version is good enough to warrant a 3 year warranty in any case. Appreciate the advice. -Andrew
  13. 2.5" should be fine for reverse sear. I have done steaks around that thick (or even closer to 2") and it took closer to 45-60 min to hit 110 (though I have been shooting for 115 lately). Have you calibrated the thermometer for the dome of the cooker? How long did you sear them after they rested and you got the grill hot? The secret that helped me crack the reverse sear method was not to worry about the temperature after the initial smoking phase. Like I mentioned, I go to about 115 then pull them when I get the grill good and hot. Once we're in the ~550 range (very loosely... could
  14. Thanks guy. Maybe I should switch to the toothpick test and start checking a lot earlier. I'll give it a go. -Andrew
  15. You can buy KABs on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Kick+Ash+Basket/page/B8E311D8-25B2-4CB3-BB55-18E77B9C9A0C?ref_=ast_bln https://www.amazon.com/Kick-Ash-Basket-Stainless-Diameter/dp/B079BYD9F5/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3QII5NXTS60UV&dchild=1&keywords=kick%2Bash%2Bbasket&qid=1594143542&sprefix=kick%2Bash%2Caps%2C168&sr=8-9&th=1 Fair enough - I am willing to accept that nothing lasts forever. My questions were about the stainless version versus previous versions in terms of durability, as many of the older reviews claim a very quick deterioratio
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