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    adauria got a reaction from Edward Cook in Best Cut of Steak To Grill?   
    What Dobro Dane said. And for my money, I'd rather have the ribeye since it's also one of the tastiest, beefiest cuts to grill.
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    adauria reacted to lnarngr in Kamado Joe @ Costco   
    To a card carrying member of the Red Brigade! 

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    adauria reacted to Dobro Dane in Best Cut of Steak To Grill?   
    Yup...just grilled two bone-in ribeyes this evening. Slow-cooked at 225 indirect to 122 internal, then grilled on the cast iron grate at 500 to about 130 internal for a completely pink inside and beautiful crust. Served it with sauteed mushroom/onion/pepper and a side of caprese salad with burrata.
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    adauria got a reaction from buckleybj in Time Between Lighting and Cooking   
    45 to an hour for me, typically, depending on target temps and such. I like it to get nice and stable for a low/slow. For hotter I get things on closer to the 45 minute mark. My Big Joe is a in a spot that's fairly sheltered from wind, so it take a bit to heat up. It seems to go going a little faster/hotter if I leave the dome open a few minutes extra (10-15 minutes) with 3 starters. 
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    adauria reacted to Brick Pig in Time Between Lighting and Cooking   
    If I'm pressed for time I can usually have my Big Joe ready to cook in about a half hour, as others have said. But typically I don't cook on it if I'm pressed for time. Generally I like to fire it up at least an hour in advance and bring it up very slowly to whatever my cooking temp is going to be, so that by the time I reach that point the ceramics are really well heat-soaked. On weekends or other days off when I know I'm going to be cooking, I will often light it sometime in the morning and just let it sit at ~200F or so until I'm near cooking time. Then it's really easy to just bring it up and get cooking.
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    adauria reacted to adm in Baby Back Ribs Question   
    I have never liked wrapping ribs. I have tried multiple times the 3-2-1 method or variations thereof depending on the size of the racks, but I find that it's always a) a pain in the ### to wrap and then unwrap hot ribs and b) they tend to steam in the foil and end up more like "restaurant" ribs (which is a bad thing).
    I just like a set temperature, check after about three hours and go from there depending on how they look, how flexible they are and how much they have pulled back from the bone.
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    adauria reacted to dman in Baby Back Ribs Question   
    On my Big Joe or Joe Classic I do ribs - babybacksor spares. - the same way and they always come out how we (notice I include the Admiral here) like them. Get to 265-275 or 280. Bare for 1.75-2 hours. Wrapped in foil with 1/2 cup of red wine to give the ribs an earthy flavor for .75-1 hour. 1/2 hour for sauce. Always moist and smoky! 


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    adauria reacted to len440 in Baby Back Ribs Question   
    good luck 
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    adauria reacted to Gebo in Can You Use Too Much Lump Charcoal?   
    Well, confession time.  scdaf  got me a thinking.  I calibrated my dome thermometer about 8 cooks ago when new.  It was off
    so I adjusted it to 210F in boiling water based on my 1500 ft altitude.
    scdaf's comments finally registered in my pea brain or coconut shelled brain so I decided to recheck the dome thermometer.
    It read 140 in boiling water.  I have been cooking about 70 degrees higher than I thought.  This would explain why almost every cook is overdone.
    What an idiot!!!!!  Thank you all....
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    adauria got a reaction from ckreef in KAB improvements?   
    Thanks all. I was also considering the KJ basket. I'm in no hurry in any case. I think I prefer the simplicity of the KAB design versus the OEM, but still could be swayed. 
    I guess I'll go for one of these soon enough and not sweat the durability - it seems the current version is good enough to warrant a 3 year warranty in any case. Appreciate the advice. 
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    adauria reacted to Graham in Tomahawk Steaks   
    Thanks @pmillen but your logic is all wrong ....
    Steaks are cool Tomahawks are really cool Therefore if i was to buy / cook / eat a Tomahawk Steak then i instantly become cool and everyone will say "Do you remember when Graham cooked that really cool steak that looked like a dam TOMAHAWK" and they will go "YEAH that was amazing, i wish i was as cool as Graham".
    I will post some pictures of people giving me "virtual" high-fives once it's all done and maybe even a little graph showing Tomahawk Steak vs Level of Awesome over time.
    (Soon to be at least 30% cooler) Graham
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    adauria reacted to Dogstar in Importance of level Grill   
    1" to 96" is not a lot of incline within the relatively small confines of your kamado. While heat from your charcoal would rise vertically, with zero atmospheric effects (and there will be some within a kamado), I seriously doubt the incline will be a problem, as your heat would be only 1/4th of an inch out of vertical after a 24" rise to your grill.  Insignificant to us amateurs - though Setzler probably manages his to 1/64th.
    Len, I've never thought about it either, what KamadoBucky mentions above.  Maybe it will turn out to be a net positive if you can manage or know the direction your runoff juices are likely to flow.
    BTW, most everyone's patio is inclined.  Keeps the water from standing, which could be an even bigger problem.
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    adauria reacted to scdaf in Costco Prime Brisket   
    This just plain works.  You  can just roll small bits of aluminum foil into balls instead of the copper fittings, but the fittings were cheap enough, I  got those.  Couple cups of water in the pan helps too, replenished as needed.  
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    adauria reacted to John Setzler in KAB improvements?   
    I think you will be fine with a Kick Ash Basket also... it's gonna last a long time.  Have you seen the Kamado Joe charcoal basket?  It comes with a divider and it's designed to connect to the Divide & Conquer rack.  
    Looks like they are currently out of stock though...
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    adauria reacted to len440 in Baby Back Ribs Question   
    When i do ribs on my joe i bring it up to 250 or so slap the ribs on and  start checking after 2 hours with a tooth pick when i slide in like its going in to soft butter there done . I rely on the ribs and not a watch. I don't like fall off bone ribs so i don't wrap mine and they come out juicy and tender. Each type of smoker has a different smoke profile. My gasser is different that mt joe and both are different than the stick burner i had.It will take a little putzing around till you get what you like. That's part of the fun.
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    adauria reacted to CentralTexBBQ in Baby Back Ribs Question   
    I've fallen out of love with cooking @ 225° so, 250° is going to be my lowest temp. I love to be between 270° and 285°. Still at the 250° mark, it may go 3.75 hours or so but, it's certainly no where near 6 hours. My real point was that the temp is far less important than checking early on.
    I understand the statement, if you're looking you ain't cooking. Though, I think it's less relevant in the Kamado. There is no harm is in checking for doneness early. There is no remedy for checking too late.
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    adauria reacted to Heli_Guy in Cleaning the grill grates   
    Came up with a solution. Got some Stainless Steel bolts and nuts and washers at Home Depot and mounted them on the corners of the half moon grilling racks.
    This locks them into the grill grate supports and prevents them from falling down.
    Wish Kamado would weld these types of pins instead of us having to find solutions.

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    adauria reacted to Gebo in First Cook Experience / Advice for future cooks   
    I have only cooked 6 times on my Joe.  Here is what I have learned.  I now start my grill at least 1 hour before I plan on using it.
    I was staring too quick in my early cooks and having all kinds of temp fluctuations.  Start your grill up earlier and it may help.
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    adauria reacted to Brick Pig in Working From Home (Pulled Pork)   
    I get a better bark with the pan than I used to get when I just wrapped in foil. It's been a pretty long time since I cooked a butt without wrapping at all, but I would venture to say that the pan gives me pretty close to the same bark as completely  unwrapped. The main reason I went to using the pan, though, is because I read someone here who mentioned that they shred the pork in the juices that are collected in the pan. That's why I tried it, and I've been doing it that way ever since.
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    adauria reacted to len440 in Working From Home (Pulled Pork)   
    Adauria when you wrap or place in pan with foil you greate a steam type atmospere around the butt hence you lose the dry bark the same for ribs but most people put them back on grill to kind of dry out the outer layer. Each way makes for good eating. Brickpig is right about the juice collecting I use it when reheating a butt. .
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    adauria reacted to Brick Pig in Working From Home (Pulled Pork)   
    I haven't posted a cook in an pretty long while. Seems like I don't ever remember to take pictures until I'm finished cooking or, more often, finished eating. But yesterday I managed to think ahead and document my pork butt cook.
    It's kind of inconvenient to do my job from home, but boys howdy is it nice to be working about 20 yards away from the Big Joe!
    9.7 lb. picnic, rubbed the night before, bagged and refrigerated overnight

    Into the smoke at 8:50 am; KJ lump with 2 chunks of cherry

    I was aiming for 300º, but it settled in just under 320º

    Around 1:15pm I was measuring ITs from 155º - 170º in different spots. Placed it in a pan & covered it in foil.

    By 3:00pm my dome temp had crept up to 350º (direct hot sunlight), but the meat probed like butter

    After resting in a cooler with towels, I shredded it at 5:00pm


    Served at 6:00 with some roasted veggies and store-brand mac & cheese

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    adauria reacted to JeffieBoy in Southern Ontario, Sobeys - Briskets   
    A rare win.  Believe you me...

    2.20 Pounds per Kilo.$2.99 CAD per pound or approx.  $2.14 USD.
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    adauria reacted to chaluk in Kamado Joe accessories   
    Heat resistant / welders gloves for handling hot grates and plates.
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    adauria reacted to prowe in First Cook Experience / Advice for future cooks   
    I doubt it was grease from a burgie that caused such a spike by itself.  Did you have the lid up for an extended period possibly?
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    adauria reacted to Graham in Big Joe 3 vs UK Standard Door Width & COVID   
    Good morning everyone,
    Thank you for all the advice and comments, it's really helped.
    Heuer ... We managed it! Had to remove the internal doors through the house from the Garage (didn't fit through the front door), remove the shelve brackets (they added an inch to the width) and use the packaging as "coasters" but me and the wife managed it.
    Fbov ... My wife has demanded that i cook for the rest of the weekend so i guess i was hiring help after all
    Len440 ... Cheers for the information, i fired her up last night, spent a couple of hours adjusting the vents and then cooked a couple of burgers to get used to the temperatures and the different grate heights, with a cold beer of course! I took your advice and closed the bottom vent but left the top open but only by a whisker ... Came down this morning and literally half the charcoal is reusable ... Amazing.
    I have a bolt and and nut left over from assembly but i have no idea what they are for?
    Pictures attached of the whole adventure (i am 6ft5" and this BBQ makes me look like a toddler)
    Great community, really looking forward to cooking with you all.

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