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  1. Ahhhh, the age old debate in BBQ. I'm glad I came back in time for this post. Well, I have had some of the best BBQ I have ever had on a Hibachi and I have had some of the worst BBQ of my life cooked on some of the most expensive equipment money can buy. So, It comes down to the first thing I tell new people to BBQ. Whatever path you take in achieving your BBQ nirvana, get to know your equipment. Knowing your gear is a very personal experience and whether you use a ceramic, offset, gas (booooo, ha) or electric smoker/cooker knowing how to control your temp in your cooker is the key to great BBQ. Controlling the grill temp and the food temp is a largest part of BBQ while the rest is subjective to taste like rubs, injection and sauces. You cant make great BBQ unless the meat is cooked right and that takes knowing your gear.

  2. Don't drive yourself crazy with the grill temps. The most important part of great BBQ is the internal temp of the meat. When doing a low and slow cook if you are between 225-290 you are OK. Making sure your temp stays steady for the whole cook is also critical for a successful cook. You'll spend your whole afternoon adjusting vents with no difference in results to show for it trying to raise or lower your grill temp for a 10 or 15 degree change. Use the dome therm as a general guideline and spend your time testing your cooler and making sure your beer is cold enough 12oz at a time :-D

  3. Welcome and glad you found us. NO dumb questions on this forum! Absolutely none. I don't own an Akorn so any pix I would post would not help you but we have a very large membership of Akorn owners and you should get plenty of help!!!! Glad you found us and feel free to jump in and ask away. 

  4. Great story and you are very lucky to be able to sit and talk with the wisdom of your 91 year old parent. Cherish what you have and making new roots with the people you love can be such an exciting time. Good luck and I'll be looking for the post of where the new grilling patio is  :-D

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