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  1. It pays to save your pennies up for when these deals pop up! Great price
  2. ow thats the way to grill. Nice job and love the beer and onions in the pan. First rate cook all the way. Comfort food, great job
  3. Outstanding job on this cook. Good job on the pixs. Keep them coming
  4. I'm on a peach wood kick right now and use it for everything. I use more of the fruit woods as a personal choice. I like a mild smoke even for beef. I would love to try plum!!!
  5. Great post and super meal. Nice job
  6. Welcome and glad you found us. Yes, kamado cooking changed all our lives and the way we look at food. All your favorite foods will now be that much better
  7. You'll need to cook a few to see if you like fat cap up and down. I alway say it takes 20-30 cooks till you find the right combination of rub, cook and technic. You can't cook a brisket wrong so just make sure you make one small adjustment every cook to see if you like the change. I kept notes when I first started. I wrap my brisket at 160 degrees or so just to make it easier to transport when it hits 195-200. It can get real messy trying to move a brisket when its falling apart Good luck and can't wait to see how it turns out!
  8. Best I got is making my own sausage but I pick my shoulder up at the grocery store I know we have some hunters on the forum, I've seen some nice venison post
  9. I had to laugh because I just pitched about 20 rubs I had taking up space I tried and never liked over the years! I get rubs as a gift every bday, xmas and fathers day! The wife was happy she could see we had a 4th shelf in the pantry she forgot about
  10. Have a safe trip and don't drink the water Are you putting a heater in the next build?? Don't you love how we love to spend your money
  11. It's an american classic Some of the best Q ever made was done on a kettle.
  12. Welcome and glad you found us. Once your wife taste the great Q from that cooker she will be looking for a way to that KJ Congrats on the new cooker and keep us posted
  13. You'll have a great setup with that table and BGE! What size egg are you getting?
  14. Great post and it reminds me that I haven't done chops in a long time. Thanks for posting, nice job
  15. This is going to be good!!! I can't wait for this review Congrats John, keep us posted
  16. Yep Jarett is spot on. If you are doing the 3-2-1 style of cook than do 6 slabs for 3 hours on the grill then wrap and put in the oven and start your next batch....... You can keep them warm until you plan on serving then toss them back on a hot grill to sauce them then serve. This is where a good roaster comes in handy to store your slabs on low until you drop and serve. Keep us posted.
  17. Nothing more exciting than shopping for a new cooker I am very happy to hear that you are supporting your local dealer and community. I do understand how difficult it is finding a good dealer in your area. I spoke with Derald at Primo about the problems I had with some of the dealers in my area. You will find your local dealer will jump through hoops to earn your business and if you have any warranty issues they will jump and help you. Good luck and keep us posted!!! So exciting
  18. Yep, you will find you get a nice crispy crunch at the 175-180 mark as well
  19. Yep, an Oklahoma Joe Offset Side Burner with a few improvements... They make great units. I owned one and loved it. Nice and they come in really handy for those whole hogs or really big cooks. I miss mine
  20. Looks like a nice unit. Will wait for more reviews. I'll use my mapp torch and cubes for now
  21. Good post and great comments from the members!!! Good looking cook, nice job
  22. Congrats on your son making it through boot camp! You must be very proud. I am proud of HER! Sorry, I was not clear. She is my wife's brother's daughter, but she is my girl and has been since she graduated eighth grade. She turned her life around with us and decided the Marines were the best fit for her. She considered Air Force but once she met the Marines recruiter, she was 100% devil dog. This is her second time at boot camp. She was medically disqualified and spent a month sweeping the yellow foot prints, followed by 11 months home, getting ready to return. Now she is back, shot a Sharpshooter score, is Squad Leader and ready for what's next. Oops Sorry and let her know that she can always have my seat on the bus for what she is doing for our country and herself
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