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  1. Thats the perfect approach to take Paul. Keep us posted and let us know how it goes. I love hearing about these kind of things and it gives new members a look at something new
  2. You'll get a heavy smoke in the begging from the dampness and the bark of the wood but after a bit you'll have a "blue smoke" that does not show as much but you are still smoking! I'll put 2 chunks in my cooker and those chucks are only half to three quarters burned up when I'm done. I'll just light my grill next time and still get a nice even smoke. It's all taste and how much and how heavy of a smoke you want your food to have. I favor the nice and even blue smoke that comes an hour or two after I light my grill. Different woods will also give you different smokes so spend some time (lots of cooks) learning your cooker and every cook make ONE small change (Only one change) and see how you like that change. Maybe its adding more wood, less wood or combining different woods until you find your sweet spot in flavor. Just don't think because that billowing plume of smoke is gone your not smoking because you are!!!
  3. Id look like Homer Simpson with my mouth open and drooling at the window Doh
  4. another outstanding job! what dough recipe do you use? thats a great NY style crust
  5. we love them but cook them longer than you think. I put them on for 45 min when I'm doing a low and slow.
  6. Basically a glaze is nothing more than reducing something down to a thick consistency to be used for cakes, veggies or whatever. You can do as some suggested above and add some of your favorite liquids to it and simmer it down and put it on whatever you want like sponge cake or fruit.
  7. Welcome and great post for others looking at the Vision!!! You may want to do a review in the Vision thread so new members find your post. Keep on posting and thanks. Again, welcome!
  8. What is wrong with you people? I just ate and now I see this and I'm hungry again Ive gotta try this, thanks for posting! Great post
  9. welcome and glad you found us. Northeast ohio here so glad to have another buckeye on the forum. Are you grinding your own burgers? Try adding some fat to your meat or try a higher heat and fast grill with your burgers rather than a slow grill. Not sure of the fat content of the venison but its a pretty lean meat from what I hear.
  10. Been a while since I posted a cook but since we moved we have been eating fast and putting stuff away. I did some dry ribs, asparagus and brussel sprouts with a balsamic vinegar glaze. Use peach wood on these and it can out wonderful. Thought I'd share
  11. We just jumped ship and went with a Keuig and won't look back. Everyone can have what they like and you get a really great cup of coffee. It would drive me nuts when my wife made a pot of flavored coffee because you'd taste that for 3-4 pots of coffee later. Now we can enjoy whatever we want and tea..... http://www.keurig.com/brewers/platinum-brewing-system
  12. Don't overthink these things and whatever you like and can afford to use is all that matters. As long as your grilling is the only thing that really matters
  13. Nice job and great post, thanks
  14. Great Post!!! Love to see a Kamado pulled from the junk heap and restored. I this pixs and details of the project are outstanding. Thanks, outstanding job
  15. Glad you took the time to post your positive experience and waited until you saw the whole experience play out. Problems and issues come up but we are to quick to jump on the negative bandwagon before the vendor has a chance to respond. KJ is a top notch company and Megan is great to work with. And yes, Bobby the owner of KJ pops in every now and then and gives out his personal email. You own a great product with A1 support
  16. Happy Bday Nice choice for a dinner. Cant wait to see your pixs
  17. Welcome and congrats on the new cooker. Keep us posted
  18. Welcome and jump in and join the conversation. What gear you using these days?
  19. Welcome and you won't go wrong with the Primo! We have lots of Primo owners who will be happy to help you out. You will wonder why you waited so long
  20. Welcome and congrats on the new cooker. Glad to have you on the forum. Jump in and join the conversation
  21. Another company chasing the Kamado craze. It looks like a nice unit. I'd like to hear some real world reviews and how long that starter last.
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