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  1. I definitely thought myself into a frenzy. First cook freak out, I suppose. I just pulled it to start resting, but forgot to take a picture of the whole packer. I will be sure to snap a “show pic” of the slices and burnt ends when finished. Though, I did steal a little sample from the point (A very burnt end) and have to say it was very good and tender.
  2. It was on the Brisket 101 video on the Kamado Joe YouTube. I followed his rib tutorial and they were phenomenal so I figured that I would follow the brisket one as well. He did it just after the bark was set and then after the hour of doing that, left it alone until done. Said it was to help the smoke ring form. After seeing the temp stabilize and all, I have Rec entered myself and am now back to enjoying the cook that got me out of bed so early. Thank you for your help and encouragement. IMG_0735.MP4
  3. Yes, I was checking to see if the bark was formed to start the hour of misting every 15 min. You’re right, that’s probably where the spike came in, it actually went back down after I made the post to about 230. I’m a little on edge with this being my first and the wife advertising and inviting friends over to test this piece of meat I’ve been studying all week. Thank you for the reply. I’m going to leave my setting where it is and pray this thing turns out.
  4. So I am smoking my first brisket on my Kamado Joe Classic II and pretty well following Johns Brisket 101 video from the Kamado Joe YouTube channel. It has been on about 4 hours at 225 degrees and my dome temp was steady until it started to rise about 30 min ago. It stopped about 250 degrees and seems to be holding steady there now. Any advice on why this happened and if it’s okay? Should I try to lower it? If so, what is the best method. Getting good blueish smoke and have been for most of the cook. Any help would be appreciated.
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