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  1. I have just splashed out on a table for my Monolith so I have the standard cart, side tables, accesory rack and cover for sale. All less than 3 motnhs old, buying all of these would cost circa £380 but I am open to reasonable offers for them. Located in Staffordshire UK.
  2. Does anybody know if the DoJoe will fit a Monolith Classic Pro BBQ Guru Edition?
  3. I can't help as I have not tried this yet but I will be doing soon so looking forward to the suggestions.
  4. Welcome Robdan we are both at a similar stage in our adventure.
  5. It was about 4lb in weight and I took it to 160 of your Farenhiet wrapped it in tin foil and took it up to 205. Meat took from 09.00 - 17.00 potatoes in for the last 2 hours and the veg added when the meat came out to rest. All finished at 18.00. Also added some holoumi to the grill for the last hour. Should have taken another hour on the cook and an another hour on the rest. But that is what practising is all about. Bloody good meal in any event. I have a vegetarian wife and a coeliac daughter so plenty of experiments ahead. Just done Pizza tonight mmmmmm...
  6. Ah, I should have thought of googling it. Might of helped for me to find out the best way to cooking it. It's a relatively cheap cut over here and I was trying to avoid practicing on something to expensive in case it all went horribly wrong. There was not a lot of fat in it so it was never going to turn out like butter but did end up juicy and tender.
  7. That's it all done...... Stuffed. Silverside of beef that whilst not being the best for a BBQ turned out tender and juicy after a total of 10 hours on the grill. Baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes and a mixed veg grill basket.. Great result for a 1st attempt and the fact it turned out at all is down to the hints and tips I found on this forum before I even turn the Kamado on. Thanks to all who participated unknowingly. Still plenty to learn about temp control and which cooking method and surface to use for which food but I know I am going to have fun on the way.
  8. 06.00 Tamworth UK Nice day forecast and time for the first proper cook. Small piece of beef to try low and slow before I invest in a proper chunk. Here's the Monolith lit and set to come up to 225F Here's the meat rubbed and left in the fridge overnight. Going back to bed for a couple of hours and then I will introduce one to the other for a few hours and see if the magic happens.
  9. I have just bought a Monolith Classic Pro BBQ Guru edition here in the UK. Really nice and come with SS as standard, slightly less than a KJ Classic 2. I am delighted with the quality. Only used it once and it is my first Kamado so nothing to reference it against, others maybe able to do that but I can tell you that it is available from several places in the UK either standalone of trolley mounted. If you want something the size of the Big Joe I think that would be the Le Chef. Happy hunting.
  10. Turned out great, none of my signature barbecue black. I hate to sound twee but they were the best burgers we have ever had, yet they were the same burgers we always have. Beef all rubbed up and sat in the fridge overnight, looking forward to trying that lo and slo today.
  11. So here we go, first cook, was due to get a KJ Classic 2 but changed mind at the very last minute and went for a Monilith Classic Pro BBQ Guru CyberQ Edition. Arrived yesterday and first cook planned for tomorrow with a nice piece of beef to break the Kamado and me in. Family had other plans and insisted on a quick run in this evening with some bugers. Bit if an expensive burger grill but good to get it run in for beef tomorrow.
  12. From one newbie to another, welcome.
  13. SimonL

    Hello Folks

    In the context of the members on this site we are indeed next door neighbours. Do you have a grill yet, I was due to get a Kamado Joe but changed my mind at the last minute to Monolith Classic Pro BBQ Guru, should be here later in the week. I am going to try out a new BBQ head because my old one calibrated my meat by how black it was, "black is cooked". I am going to try and be a little more subtle with this one.
  14. Hi Owen, looks like we will be going on a journey of discovery and burnt offerings together.
  15. SimonL

    Hello Folks

    Hi from one newbie to another.....
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