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  1. It's a set it and forget it system, light the charcoal with an alcohol soaked cotton ball and then let it bring it up to temp. It will hold that temp forever basically. The top vent is cracked open, basically should be a sliver. The digi q takes care of the rest. You are gonna have to bend the metal of the fan adaptor to fit the curve of the Akorn, pretty much it. Just read through the directions and enjoy.
  2. https://bbqguru.com/storenav/gurucookerguide?DeviceModelId=61&kitId=358 This is what I got and it works great. No option for battery I don't believe.
  3. Best one to date. Pictures of just taken off the grill and then added some arugula and sprinkle of EVOO and pecorino romano.
  4. It was your first time doing burgers on the grill, probably shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Takes a while to get used to cooking on a new grill. They look great to me though. Do you have some sort of machine that gets them to all look like that? I do mine by hand and they are always circular but not the exact same shape like yours.
  5. I've had an electric smoker for years and in research always used low and slow at 225 to be my base for just about everything getting smoked. From doing research on the Akorn about how great it is as retaining heat I decided to try a rib smoke at 275 yesterday. I'll tell you all what, that's going to be my go to temp from now on. I had a great smoke ring and it was tender and juicy. I did 275 for about 2 hours with 2 chunks of hickory, then wrapped in butcher paper for about an hour and then 40 minutes without butcher paper. Came out I think the best ribs I have done. I'm looking forward to trying this temp with a brisket to see what kind of smoke ring I get. Too bad it won't be until the fall since I'm leaving to sail on a boat for a few months.
  6. To get the grill up to temp for pizza you need to have the vents wide open for a pretty long while, especially with a deflector in there. Once the temp in the dome probe gets to around 445 for me I close the top down some. Once you start opening and closing to put pizza in there it levels out for me around 550. I found that to be the best temp. Also parchment gets destroyed at those temps in my experience, better to just put the dough straight onto the stone.
  7. I have the standard Akorn and there is room on top of the smoking stone under the grate to put a tray to catch drippings. It's the same with the Jr. from what I've seen. Just need to make sure you don't have one too big.
  8. I've been using Jealous Devil and really like the flavor it adds as well as the size of the charcoal in the bag.
  9. It definitely was overdone on the bottom. I changed up my recipe to not have any sugar and had great results tonight.
  10. Yes I have the stock diffuser down below. I think for my dough I just need lower temps next time.
  11. Did my first pizza on the akorn last night. Went pretty well except the dough was a little overdone underneath. I upgraded my pizza stone I was using in my oven and got an 18 inch. Is that too big and possibly not letting enough heat get above? I also usually use cornmeal and flour to launch pizza onto stone. Is the cornmeal possibly burning? I had the grill at about 550 dome temp as seen on some other posts. Gonna try a lower temp next time. I make my own dough so maybe water content isn't high enough? Thanks for any input. VID-20200515-WA0007.mp4
  12. Hey everyone, just got an akorn after much research and found this site. I have already learned a lot from everyone here in the forums and hope to contribute to the community. I've always loved smoking meat and had a Bradley electric smoker and now ready to step up to charcoal. Thanks for having me!
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