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    Computer Science, games of all sorts: board, video, physical, card... And of course cooking for my family
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  1. I have to say, it's really annoying to read this thread and have @Polar Bear constantly tell us all that we shouldn't care that our ~$2000 grills have distorted Firebox rings. 1. It's a defect plain and simple. 2. In my particular case, not yours, the ring is warped to the point that it pops out all the time. Nothing like preparing to get everything in after lighting the fire and the ring pops up while the Firebox pieces flop to the sides. 3. Yes it's metal, metal can warp under high heat. Problem is you make it sound so simple "It's metal, all metal will warp", yet the reality is the ring is too thin. Have yet to see my stainless steel grates warp, but my stainless still Firebox ring warped almost instantly. It needs to be addressed. Sincerely, Another guy with a warped Firebox ring.
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    Good evening all. I own a Cusinart gas 3 burner from Canadian Tire which has reached its use. I really wanted to take a real look into what I want from my grilling experience. I considered a Weber Genesis ii. then I remembered how my previous neighbor had a green egg. he had got it just after moving in and loved to share what he cooked with me. had me looking into it as an alternative and I discovered this kamato community. Holy ####, I did not know this existed. long story short I dropped the Weber and bought a kamado Joe classic ii about 4 hours ago. my whole family is excited.
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