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  1. I know your trying to help dude. I really appreciate your input. I come here for advice, tips & tricks off more experienced people than me on the bbq. So any input is great for me on these threads.
  2. So you remove the top layer of meat? The more lean muscle and use that for mince? Apologies for needing things dumbed down as I said I’m brand new to all of this.
  3. Very interesting view mate, which may actually exonerate me from just messing it up! Have you ever had any success with beef short rib or has it turned out the same each time you’ve tried?
  4. No problem pal, I can’t give you any advice unless of course you want to use the meat to re-sole a shoe! You’ll get great advice here though, that’s for sure,
  5. When i say “nailed the temp” I meant of my grill. I kept the heat steady throughout as this was my first attempt at cooking at the low temp. Not nailed the meat temp of the meat. Haha I guess I’ll go again and try that recipe you have kindly sent over. Thanks for the input, appreciated. I have only had my joe a few weeks so it’s all new to me.
  6. I cooked this meat for 9 hours! This was my first attempt so it was an experiment really. I did though get the temp spot on up until the last couple hours when I lost a little. I also was committed to give it the full time Ive read they may need. Which is why I’m wondering what have I done here for it to turn out the way it did? I nailed the temp and it was on for 9 hours.
  7. So guys today I tried my first beef short rib. I chose to smoke it using oak wood, low and slow. Removed membrane on the bottom and have it a little slather with hot suave then just a simple salt, pepper & paprika rub. Set the temp 120c to smoke with a drip pan full of water on the deflectors. Left the lid closed for first 4 hours then checked it and began spritzing every hour with apple cider vinegar. Water in drip tray had gone at this stage. I had nailed the temp throughout the cook (120c) last couple hours my temp dropped to 100c and I couldn’t claw that temp back. Anyway, took the meat off at 91c internal temp and rested. Cut into it, and it there a little evidence of a smoke ring of sorts but the meat in the top portion was very dry and the meat below seems a total different texture. The meat was edible but it wasn’t great at all. What have i done wrong?
  8. Really good these griddles. The size is ideal also for the Joe classic. I’ll make my purchase and let you know how it goes. Thanks.
  9. Great, this double sided griddle looks perfect really. I had been looking at the “little Griddle” stuff which sit nice on the round Grills like mine but again pretty hefty price rah and shipping. Think I’m going to buy one of these and give it a go. Thanks for your input.
  10. So you don’t think there is any benefit in having the Joe cast iron? Rather than aesthetics? A bog standard skillet heated on the grill would do?
  11. Hahaha you must get more pocket money than me.
  12. I know, “you get what you pay for” is generally always correct. Was just wondering does anyone know of any alternative worth there while or is it simply a case of take it on the chin and get your hand on your pocket for the £130 half soap stone haha,
  13. Hi guys, not been cooking on the Joe classic that long but so far I’ve really loved what I’ve made. That’s got me looking more into its capabilities and look at the available accessories. I find that they can be pretty expensive after you’ve just forked our £899 for the grill in the first place. Was wondering does anyone know of any other none Kamado branded cheaper alternatives that fit the Joe Classic? Or are the branded type the ones available? Thanks gents.
  14. All these tips will give me a great head starts thanks guys
  15. Thanks John, and everyone else who’s gave me there advice and tips they’re appreciated and will help me a lot.
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