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  1. Anyone using a smoke ware vent for a classic joe 3? Was thinking of switching to one? Likes. Dislikes?
  2. Thanks. I want to spend the money and have it last.
  3. Classic one at Lowe’s. 749. Good deal?
  4. The 2 classic. Felt like slider was hard to move and when slid left it opened the top. Idk figured it might be assembled wrong. Looking to buy soon
  5. Inquiring about the tower vent on the kamado. I was in the store and found the slider hard to move and would open top when moving to the right. Haven’t purchased grill but am in the market. I already read about the sticking during cooking. Is there a way to make the slider move smoother. ? Also i don’t own a kamado this will be my first one.
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