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  2. The family went on a vacation to Emerald Isle, NC. Since it is 9 of us went, I decided to take my Blackstone primarily for breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, etc. Wow, I now have a "rusty" Blackstone. I had no idea just week would rust all the bolts and hangers and joints and griddle and ...... Never again will I take any of my griddles to use outside on the oceanfront. Stupid is as stupid does. I'm so aggravated I am fighting the urge to buy a new one as a replacement. I just need a few more days and my logic should come back. Time helps many things.
  3. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but after working through 2 iKamands I sold my 3rd one. I would get so frustrated using it I hated to cook. One day, I saw the light (FireBoard) and quit beating my head on my KJ and purchased another Temp Controller. I have been trouble free (except for one operator error) and am so much more at ease during cooks not having to battle my iKamands.
  4. I’ve gotten to where I trim all my fat off. All I can tell is I got less mess trying to get rid of the cooked fat as I chop the butts up. I’ve been convinced by my extended family to add some apple juice and ACV at 170 and wrap the butts in foil the last 30 degrees. I use one of those aluminum disposable trays and then cover that and seal it with aluminum foil. After resting for two hours all of the juice in my “boat” goes poured back in to the meat. After doing this on my last 3 cooks, my reviews are too high. I think I’ve found a sweet spot.
  5. You doing fat cap up or down? Did you trim “all” the fat off?
  6. It all worked out perfectly. 10 fed. Plenty leftover. Vacuum sealed. I’m gonna put rub on overnight next time.
  7. I’ll be home in 20 minutes. Current temps 161 and 164. Plus I have a half sermon for next week winning
  8. Meat temp at 149 at 10 am. Gonna be tight to get it off by 170, I’m thinking. My ETA home is 1 pm.
  9. well, here’s what I am trying. I coated my Butts with Myron Mixon’s rub (plus a little rosemary and ginger from Meathead’s rub recipe). Added a little extra salt and let them sit in refrigerator from 9 pm last night til 5 am this morning when I placed them on the KJ at 250. Depending on how long church goes, I’ll pull around 160-170 and wrap in foil with some added ACV and apple juice and go to 205 or so. keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. John, how early do you add rub? Food Lion has 99 cent/lb Boston butts. I’m getting 2 for this weekend.
  11. I was reading Meathead's book and he applies salt separately to his pork the day before smoking. He then applies his rub the day of the cook. Every rub I have made has the salt mixed in the rub itself. How many of you use his method? Can you tell a difference?
  12. https://www.fogocharcoal.com/
  13. Buy directly from them. Minimizes “fines”. Free shipping. I order and get in 2 days. sign up for credits. Get a free bag after so many purchases.
  14. Fogo is the best when you have a problem. I’m way ahead in the game at this point. I need to find about 20 more lbs of rocks before I feel cheated. That one free bag, which I didn’t ask for and wasn’t expecting, sealed my relationship with them.
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