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  1. I tried one batch at 60% and the other at 65%. We couldn't tell any difference.
  2. I am experimenting today with some Do-Joe recipes. I am mixing up a batch of Chef Gephart's Pizza Dough and I get to the "Dry Yeast" and it says 2 teaspoons or 20 g. Well, I am trying to be as accurate as possible so I am using 20 grams. I'm using SAF Instant yeast and notice that 20 grams is WAY more than 2 teaspoons. I went with the 20 grams. What am I missing? Where is the error? Is it me?
  3. Since we can "only" cook our pizzas around 500-700 degrees with our Do-Joes, should we be using the 60-65% hydration some call for in a Neapolitan Dough recipe? SInce we can't get to 900 degrees?
  4. Please clarify? You just use a thicker product and brush it on?
  5. I got all these temp probes and I'm not intelligent enough to figure out the best way to store them so they don't get tangled up like they are playing Twister. I got the iKamand and the ThermoWorks system. I will survive if I just need to jumble them up and shove them back in the "pouches" but I am smart enough to know some of you are smart enough to help me.
  6. Follow up with KJ from the email from them referencing your claim number. They will make it right. At least they have for me.
  7. Wait, I was thinking in the box. It will melt and caramelize??? Form more crunchy bark??
  8. Hopefully, hugs and kisses and you know....
  9. John, somehow, I think you have something up your sleeve and it's not a MK4.
  10. MY OP was me wondering if a sugar based (apple juice) or a vinegar based (ACV) spritz would do a better job in attracting and holding the smoke on the surface of the meat. Heck, water may be just as good.
  11. It does virtually nothing for adding moisture to the meat. It's main purpose is to keep the exterior moist to allow more smoke "particles" to attach to the surface of the meat. Once the bark has formed and dried most all the smoke "absorption" is over. Keeping it wet with a spritz allows more "smoke flavor" to stick to the surface of the meat.
  12. Do you use the same spritz or do you vary based on the meat? Do you have a "go-to" spritz for beef and pork?
  13. John, I want to follow you on all social media. Would you give the list of where you are? I just listened to an old podcast of you on Fire & Water Cooking and you made references to being in other forums, FB, etc.
  14. I just want tougher bark and more of it. Something to chip a tooth on. Dental floss required. I probably used 1 cup of rub over a mustardized base. I could not see any meat or fat. When I wrapped it the "bark" was too moist. I probably should have waited longer. Just going by what I heard. Wrap at 160....
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