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  1. I will almost guarantee that no matter which one you get something is gonna break, melt, stick, rip, stop working. KJ has been as good as gold to me. They even warranted things that were my fault. I'm hooked with KJ. I have been told by several people the Primo is great. I also know my BGE dealer is local. Huge amount of accessories. BGE is the tried and true and copied (IMHO) ceramic cooker. Based on the assumption that it will break at some point, I'd go with the BGE if there is a reputable dealer close by. But green has to work for your color. If not, go w
  2. What kind of pepperoni? Looks super. I'm having meatloaf...
  3. We have the smoked chuck roast every week. I've been using the Malcom Reed recipe. Ranch dressing, Au Jus Gravy, pepperoncini, stick butter, etc recipe. Smoke at 275... etc. Have you found another recipe that is better? Just thinking about experimenting a little...
  4. What aluminum foil do you use? They got heavy duty, Pit Master's Choice, etc. Is there any real difference?
  5. Yes. It’s solidly built. I’ll advise. I got 2 more flat shelves with my initial purchase as well. Call company direct and you may save a few dollars.
  6. It’s heavy duty, ain’t it ?
  7. I want to try it this weekend but I am obligated to a Brisket and some burnt ends.
  8. I spent 3 days researching Rotisserie Baskets for my JoeTisserie. I wanted SS, quality, etc You all may want to look at OneGrill's baskets. SS 304. Just got mine yesterday and it is heavy duty. Brian at OneGrill took 20 minutes over the phone explaining to me the one they have designed for KJ's. It's not really a basket. It's a wired cage. You can have multiple "flat" layers it you need to. He was very familiar with the competition and did not bad mouth any of them. After watching the black paint peel off a lot of my KJ components, I'm not ve
  9. I understand how you feel. I got a floor model with a discount so I accepted certain "issues." You can clean up the calking, no problem. But from 4:26 to 4:31 looks like a problem. You gotta decide what to do. If it bothers you, replace it. You spent a lot of money, right? I must admit I have had KJ go beyond what I expected in an attempt to please me. They have!! I have nothing but praise for KJ CS. I will admit, based on mere observations, it seems their quality may leave a little to be desired. Might be their push to crank them out
  10. Been talking with One Grill. Had some interesting selling points. They have 2 sizes. One for the Big Joe and one designed for the Classic. I think the Classic model is 1 inch narrower. It seems a little more heavy duty than the others I have been looking at. I was impressed with the info in the email they sent me. I had one follow up question and will decide. Heavy leaning to the One Grill. I am such a sucker for great customer service.
  11. yea, I haven't seen the Kamado Joe basket. I do know the black paint on the doe Joe comes off.
  12. I ain't trying to give you a tip. I just got approval for a Joetisserie and want to get a good basket. Don't let me mislead you. I am ignorant of baskets at this time. Getting ready for my YouTube study. LOL
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