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  1. Maybe you can relate to this. We had a 150 hp Hammer mill that blew out a bearing. It was in a dark basement. Rodents, rotten grain, bugs, humid, stinky, etc. Me and another guy had seen the alignment was off and we were trying to get it up and running as the feed mill could not make feed without this hammer mill grinding the corn. After about 3 hours of jacking and wedging and hoisting and sliding and stepping outside for fresh air soaked in ground corn and sweat, the owner hollered down through the grain chute from the upper floor. He said, " I don't give a damn about what you have to
  2. I learned not to leave my deflectors sitting on the back deck railing in the rain or to not wash them and go straight to the fire. What a knucklehead..... Snap, crackle, crack
  3. I agree. My dealer is not worth a lot when dealing with warranty issues. He has never helped me. He refers me to KJ corp. If I ever purchase another KJ, I have no idea where I would purchase it. No flames but it seems, repeat "seems" that BGE has a better support system. Not warranty issues. Just support. I have gone in and talked with local dealer. All the parts are there on the shelves. Sorta old Technology, I guess. But I have to admit it is nice to go into a local dealer and look them in the eye.
  4. Ya'll know I'm a KJ Fanboy. My wife was joking last night that I'm on my second Big Joe II due to the fact that so many parts have been replaced under warranty. My last 2 warranties won't be here til sometime in May. The ceramic base ring split in two and that top metal ring that holds the ceramic "Petals" in place is so warped it won't hold the "petals" in place. I'm using some lava rocks to support them from behind so the metal ring can be used. LOL I know some of you will think I'm not wrapped real tight but I am at the point now where I would never buy a "new" item f
  5. Well, they do share one thing in common. They are "all" defective. I think that is a common link between them. I don't know anything about the Sloroller. That's why I put the " around "all." Laughter can be a good medicine.
  6. To answer your question, I have never heard of a lid falling off. I would bet something broke. Send some pics if you like. I don't think it was her fault based on what you say. I would need more info. Is this the new egg with the special hinge spring? Sounds like it may have been assembled incorrectly. IDK? Don't get too upset just yet....Talk to the local dealer. BGE is a good company. BUT>>>KJ has the best warranty I have ever experienced in any company.
  7. I went on and got the one OONI sells... Still waiting on my Pizza Maker. Should be here by end of April
  8. This is my 3rd iKamand and I have been unable to get support from then iKamand group. KJ just replaces them under warranty so I ain't complaining. They would replace this one but I'm wondering if I should be getting a hint....LOL
  9. They are all +/- 8 degrees. It still bothers me that I have a new unit that apparently ain't functioning properly. When I have time, I am gonna do an erase and reinstall.
  10. Here is a screen shot
  11. Here's what I get with all 4 probes in boiling water on the calibration
  12. Just go me a new iKamand under warranty. My last one ended up with a bad pit probe port and a bad pit probe thermometer. KJ was very helpful in helping me see what was two problems when I only saw one. Anyways... I posted on the iKamand FB page but got no response. I tried to go through the proper channels and am coming back to you guys for advice. This has to be a simple fix. New iKamand and new iKamand probes. Everything's up and running. Decided to do a probe calibration. Got my water boiling. All probes are reading between 210-220 F. I am re
  13. You are most welcome! I'm gonna take your advice and spray the basket beforehand tonight. Looks like I'll be doing cleanupand I want to minimize my scrubbing.
  14. I ain't knocking a Napolean basket. Never had one. Never saw one in person. That being the case, I am tickled pink with my OneGrill Basket. I first washed it in the dishwasher and then told my wife to finish it off while I watched a few Judge Judy DVR'd episodes. I got up to take my meds before bed and I noticed the basket was still in the sink. What is this world coming to? Doing my second wing cook tonight.
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