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  1. Do not get frustrated if they are a little slow in getting you a replacement. Sometimes they are very fast and sometimes very slow. This should be a quick turnaround.
  2. I’d absolutely make a claim. That looks like a pretty big chunk missing. You paid for a non-chipped soapstone, right? KJ will make it right.
  3. Sweet! I wish we had one for church. I’ll sweet talk the Board a little. Be way better than a regular gas grill.
  4. I’ve gotten the okay to get a flat top griddle. Blackstone seems to be the old reliable, tried and true based on my research. Do any of you have any pointers for me? I lean more towards quality vs price.
  5. I use “Awesome” from dollar general. I soak it.
  6. Let me find it https://www.amazon.com/RONXS-Adjustable-Professional-Refillable-Multipurpose/dp/B08R57X8X6/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3KQ01WS3S2OHA&keywords=ronks+torch&qid=1649197465&sprefix=ronks+t%2Caps%2C75&sr=8-2
  7. Soapstone and rotisserie are worth investigating for potential purchase. I’m lucky enough to have a KJ neighbor where we swap stuff out to try. At first I bought too many accessories that are now packed up.
  8. Cook at 450. Pull at 150. Absolutely perfect. Melt in your mouth. Used a little olive oil and Rice Vinegar.
  9. I was thinking a little wine would be good for my tummy. Well, that's what Paul said. So, I'm figuring, bite of chicken, swallow of wine. Bite of chicken, swallow of wine. Repeat until chicken is gone or bottle is empty. I was figuring the alcohol would kill any bacteria on the undercooked chicken.
  10. I'm still figuring how much juice came out as they just set covered. I guess if I pull at 150 and eat quickly I will maximize my moistness.
  11. Fireboard 2 Pro I have not had a single connection issue so far. 10+ cooks. Being super picky, the iKamand interface worked better in my head. But remember, it loses connection a lot. That might be why my brain connected better with the iKamand interface. It loses connection a lot as well. LOL i wish I had not been so stubborn and made the switch sooner. $300 is big money in my house. I made the correct decision.
  12. I didn't have much luck with the FB group but it may have been me not being able to explain my issues properly. Most of the time powering it off and powering it back on would were. I had to delete and reinstall the app more than once. I went through 3 iKamands under warrantybecause I wanted it to work. I finally ponied up and got another system and am much happier and satisfied.
  13. Will do 150 on the normal breasts. I got a big bag of those thin breasts. Should I go lower with the thin ones? Those taters look tata! Thank yall!
  14. Last night was the first time I have ever cooked chicken on my KJ. I used one of John’s teriyaki recipes. My wife was at a women’s fellowship and normally I would expect her back at 8:15. I’m timing the baked potatoes want everything out at 8:15. I knew to get the chicken to 160 but I had no idea how long that would take since I was in virgin territory. Chicken breasts were done at 8:00 pm. Wife got home at 9:00. I had the breasts and strips covered in a bowl with foil. When I took the foil off the container the breasts were swimming in the teriyaki mix. It had all been squished out as the breasts had cooled. Talk about some dry breasts!!! The strips stayed moist. thank goodness she has such a great time with the ladies. LOL
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