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  1. I agree with you as my soapstone is my favorite piece followed by rotisserie. They will replace it and they should have some in stock. The reason I say that is they gave me a 2nd one about a month ago because I have been waiting so long for a ceramic part. You could probably still use it if you just lay it on the grill. Not perfect but it should keep your rib eyes coming. I’d pursue with KJ.
  2. I just drooled on my phone. could vanilla ice cream make it any better?
  3. I stress just like you if I have family or guests over. In the beginning give yourself and hour from lighting to cooking. If I am doing steaks, I use 2-3 fire starters. Light about 1 1/2 hours before wanting food on the table. After about 10-15 minutes, I place my soap stone down low and my grill grate up high. I monitor my soap stone temp and around 500-600 F I drop the rib eyes, filet, HB, etc. Sear them for about 1-2 minutes on each side and then move up to grate to finish them off. It took me 6 months and umpteen screw ups to learn how to become somewhat competent. I have a tech background which hurts me. I feel the need to by the data. By the exact number. Some the best advice I can give you is God gave you 2 eyes and a nose. Learn to use them more than the thermapen and a timer. AND....that is much easier said than done.
  4. My wife is the first item that comes to mind. I am assuming you are demonstrating a touch of sarcasm? LOL
  5. A.O. I am not a Fogo fanboy but all I did was email them and a replacement bag was on the way the same day. They also have quebracho. I'm a sucker for great service!
  6. I mainly use Fogo Super Premium. I order it direct and it arrives quickly. They have a "rewards" program where you earn points towards future purchases. I did get a bag I felt had too many small pieces and they sent me a free replacement. Very impressed. Just for kicks I am trying the Kamado Joe Big Block and am impressed so far. Got a bag of BGE to try next. I have tried most of the others mentioned here and was not pleased. It seems I always go back to Fogo.
  7. A basket over direct heat with a little baking powder added to the flour dipping mix will chip your teeth in 30 minutes. Now the meat may not be as juicy but the crispy skin is there. I have been unable to get both super juicy meat and crispy skin. My wife and I go for the crispy skin.
  8. Ya'll may have seen some of my post on KJ warranty experiences. I don't understand why some have such problems. I don't. Now at first it seemed a little awkward when I made my first claim but since that time I only have praise for how they handled my issues. As far as the cracked fire box, they are on backorder due around mid July based on my last email. They sent me a soap stone at no charge to compensate me for my 3 month delay on my cracked bottom fire ring. That makes me a happy smoker! One thing I am very careful of is how I word my emails. I don't know if that makes any difference but I thought I would share that. I never rant with them. I only rant here. LOL KJ customer service is top notch in by book. Remember, most of the parts come from China and ocean travel may have a lot to do with these delays. Forget phone calls. Make sure you have registered your KJ before you file a claim.
  9. It saves the cooks automatically. Well, mine does. I don't remember if I set it up or not???? You will have to do more than just unplug the iKamand. You got to go the app on your phone to end everything. At first, I thought once the power was off to the blower, the cook was ended and I was disconnected.
  10. I did it and I regret it. I can't prove it but I think it hurt my KJ. If you want pizza you can get an Ooni for not a lot of money. That's what I did and am very satisfied. It's nothing like John's set up but it's a starting point.
  11. Well, the ceramic ring at the bottom of my Big Joe II cracked in two places. I filed a claim in April on the ceramic ring and for some reason I received the metal top ring for a Classic. I got in touch with them and got it all figured out. The ceramic ceramic ring on backorder about a month out. I told them I really appreciated the metal top ring as I could use one as mine is all warped. I said I would purchase one. KJ said no worries, we will ship you a new one for you Big Joe II under warranty. SWEEET! I got it about 2 weeks ago. The ceramic bottom ring was supposed to be here by May 4th. From experience I am figuring June 4th. Not a bid deal. Well, I emailed today to do a little follow up to make sure I had not been forgotten and now it looks like a mid July ship date. Guess what? For my trouble, they gave me a choice of a soap or pizza stone for free. That was a no brainer. Soapstone is on its way. I am amazed at how I am being treated. Oh, if you don't have a soapstone, you don't know how good a steak can taste. So many times bad things get brought to our attention. Just wanted you guys to know about this good thing.
  12. Maybe you can relate to this. We had a 150 hp Hammer mill that blew out a bearing. It was in a dark basement. Rodents, rotten grain, bugs, humid, stinky, etc. Me and another guy had seen the alignment was off and we were trying to get it up and running as the feed mill could not make feed without this hammer mill grinding the corn. After about 3 hours of jacking and wedging and hoisting and sliding and stepping outside for fresh air soaked in ground corn and sweat, the owner hollered down through the grain chute from the upper floor. He said, " I don't give a damn about what you have to do! All I am telling you is corn is coming down this chute in 15 minutes whether the fu_______ hammer mill is running or not! " We got the hammer mill back together with it not being lined up properly and it lasted 3 weeks until the other side bearing blew out. There is a time to push and there is a time to not push. Sometimes, it's hard to know which is right.
  13. I learned not to leave my deflectors sitting on the back deck railing in the rain or to not wash them and go straight to the fire. What a knucklehead..... Snap, crackle, crack
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