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  1. I'mtalking about the sticky brown residue around the door of the iKamand. Paper towel won't wipe mine off and I don't wanna damage the rubber seal.
  2. I have figured out how to eliminate my Grill Grates from sliding off the grill on my PK Classic. I need to shorten the posts the PK grill sits on. I need to grind off about 1/8 inch off these posts (6 in total) in the base of my PK Classic Grill. Probably a regular file would work on the posts on the straight edges. What would I use in the 4 turns/corners of the base? I have a hand held grinder but it really goes through those little wheels. They get filled up with aluminum quickly.
  3. John, You may have given me my answer. Maybe I could file down the 4 posts that hold the PK grill in place just enough do that the Grill Grate wouldn't peek over the edge. Now, what to use to remove about 1/8 of an inch off the top of each post?
  4. I just ordered some AirCraft Wire like he said in the video. I'll just wire it to my PK grill grate.
  5. Well, I just got my iKamand replacement. I have never seen a company support their product like KJ. Kudos to KJ!
  6. That is the snizits! IF somebody would make those, they would have many customers.
  7. Beermachlne, mine is shipping today. I will probably get what Golf Griller showed for my PK if I can't use the light from Smokeware from on it. Problems are getting solved. Now, if I could just get my Grill Grates to stay put on my PK Classic.
  8. On my PK Classic, the Grill Grates keep sliding around and will prevent the lid from closing properly. Here is my response from Grill Grate: Good Morning Gary, Thanks for reaching out to us. You can use metal bailing wire, metal zip ties, or even nuts and bolts to attach your GrillGrates to your original PK Grates. We have had other customers do this with their grills. That way when you start to cook you won’t have to worry about them sliding down on you and getting in the way of the lid. Thank You, Ashley GrillGrate Customer S
  9. I did buy a bag of Rockwood, B&B and Royal Oak. It was interesting how much larger the 20 lb bag of Rockwood was. Volume wise.
  10. Beermachine, I think I gotta have one of those.
  11. Hmmm....Bug and Tar Remover" I was thinking more along the lines of alcohol or acetone ?
  12. It's a little tight on mine, but it works on my Big Joe 2.
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