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  1. Is there anything other pizza than a coal fired Neapolitan pizza? John is correct. I was slightly exaggerating.
  2. Let’s just say the KJ was not designed to be a pizza oven. How’s that? If you want to try Pizza on a KJ, just get a pizza stone and start there. You can always use it as a heat deflector after you become discouraged with your pizza quality. (Slightly exaggerated)
  3. We must remember, John is a professional. You ought to see me packing my suitcase or a uHaul. Not pretty. Very inefficient... "HONEY, can you help me? I need some help packing." That ineptitude strings all the way back to the KJ. Not a good packer. I need a 26 footer where John could probably use a 15 footer. UHaul. John, these statements are meant to be compliments. Not to be a party pooper but I got a brand new DoJoe for the BJ that would love to sell you. Well, not really. I would love to sell it but not to someone that I had any emotional relationship with. Like on this forum. I ended up buying an Ooni for making Pizza. I'd put the DoJoe way down the list. Get a rotisserie first. And get you and OneGrill basket. TRUST me. LOL
  4. I’m in the the “go big” camp. I got a PK for smaller cooks.
  5. I’m with len440 but it’s just an opinion. I’d go big. If I get richer, I’ll have both. And my buddy has the Big Joe so we can switch out parts and accessories if needed.
  6. I went through 2 until I finally got one that consistently worked. I am very happy with my current iKamand and have used if flawlessly for 15 cooks. I may try deleting the app and reinstalling. I am not super bright but for the longest time I was not deleting the app. I was just hiding it from my screen. Make sure you actually delete the app and then reinstall. If it's freezing I would think the app is glitchy. IDK??? One thing I now do which I think helps is to leave all the probes connected. I have the dome probe and all 3 meat probes connected at all times and they are connected before I plug it in and open the app. I just lay any of the meat probes I ain't using draped out of the way. I also turn on the iKamand and give it some time before I open the app. IF you have the Big Joe, be careful how you mount the dome probe as it may get tight when you open the lid completely. I eventually ruined that probe as it stretched apart. I mount mine right beside the KJ probe. And KJ will gladly replace it and replace it quickly. Oh, and you can calibrate the temps of all the probes in the app. Just get some boiling water and go for it.
  7. I was hoping to get a recipe one of you guys loved.
  8. Any of you have a great Cavatini recipe? I miss that Pizza Hut one.
  9. The one thing I have learned is to never do my first “new item main course cook” with all my family over. It’s too much pressure and if things don’t turn out right, I feel like I have lost my masculinity. It took me 3 “failures” to change my approach. I will do experiments with appetizers and such but never with the main course. Of course, we are all made differently and your self worth may not be tied up in the opinion of others in a roasted turkey like mine would be. I am what I am (Popeye the Sailorman)
  10. She’s my virgin kamado. There’s a special bond she and I have. That’s the emotional aspect. Logically speaking, KJ’s warranty has been fantastic. Slow on some things but fantastic overall. Plus I like you and your videos. May have a man crush.
  11. Len440 makes a very interesting point when he mentioned “tinkling sound.” When I tried Rockwood it seemed so light and when you poured it there was exactly what he said. It “tinkled.” Sort of a squeaky tinkle if you will. The KJ, Fogo and JD are more like “thuds.” I will come to my conclusions (based on my intellectual capacity and limitations) that the more a charcoal “tinkles” the higher the pure carbon content.
  12. I believe John is 100% correct. I have used all those charcoals and it seems I get the most flavor out of KJ, Fogo and JD. Although not everyone likes the flavors.
  13. Lenny, I sympathize with your situation. You spent a lot of money and you expect better quality. I don’t know about vent but that seam shouldn’t have made it out. It’s not gonna hurt anything but I would be disappointed. I would expect it to crack along that line at some point but I ain’t no engineer. It seems some people today accept inferior quality like it is normal. My neighbor who has the exact same KJ as mine purchased one month earlier says he can’t believe how much trouble I’ve had with mine. But KJ warranty has been great to me. I’m still waiting on the fire ring but I took John’s advice and JB welded the old one. It’s working for now. My wife was watching the Fogo YouTube’s with me and said, “With all the trouble we’ve had with the KJ, why don’t you just sell it after it’s repaired and buy one of green ones.” i did have to “capture” the thought that went through my head.
  14. Charcoal basket for sure. I really like a temp controller. I’m on my 3rd iKamand and it works flawlessly. If it breaks I may do the Fireworks controller next. But, KJ has replaced all of mine for free. There warranty is fantastic. Slow but fantastic.
  15. I went a little more. Well, a lot more. 3 out of 6 (my family) said it was too smoky. The cheese really absorbs the smoke. I’ll definitely cut back next time.
  16. Did you add any wood or just use lump?
  17. Actually, John has the best advice in you need to get your hands on one. For $1500, you could spend a few hours driving and looking. There is probably someone near you that would love to show your their KJ. Once you touch and feel the two, you will probably know which one will work best for you.
  18. There won’t be a difference in the actual cooking but I’ll betcha you will enjoy cooking much more. Now, $1500 more? I’m not too sure about that. You could by all the accessories you would ever want for $1500, I think.
  19. In defense of AO, he was questioned and he was prodded. What’s he supposed to do? He simply answered the questions. I betcha if the questions stop, he’ll stop. Some people love certain brands of charcoal to the point of being fan boys. I am of my 2 brands. Some people accept inferior products. Some don’t.
  20. When I was experimenting, the RO didn’t last long either. I just used it up with my burgers and steaks. I’m pretty picky and have settled on KJ and Fogo. I’m done experimenting chasing the “perfect” charcoal.
  21. Or if I need to wear a mask to prevent black nasal passages.
  22. With the info I see and have read, I don't see this as a warranty issue. I agree with those that say this is a seller and shipper issue. Stay on the seller but I'd get with the shipper, too. Probably too late??Do you have pics of the box it came in? Was it damaged? It looks like the seller may be something less than legitimate????? IDK???? After exhausting seller and shipper responsibility, go with the KJ warranty. And in reality, expect Nov or Dec. as far as replacement arrival. I'm still waiting on parts from spring and my updates keep going out another month every month. They always honor their stuff, but getting it from China seems to be taking a little longer than normal. Remember the "slow boat from China"?
  23. Gebo

    Dojoe Question

    I wouldn’t get over 650 F dome temp with a KJ. I did and I caused some issues. 3 of us in the neighborhood all agree the biggest waste of our KJ money was on the DoeJoe. Get a dedicated pizza maker if you want pizza. IMHO
  24. I agree with you as my soapstone is my favorite piece followed by rotisserie. They will replace it and they should have some in stock. The reason I say that is they gave me a 2nd one about a month ago because I have been waiting so long for a ceramic part. You could probably still use it if you just lay it on the grill. Not perfect but it should keep your rib eyes coming. I’d pursue with KJ.
  25. I just drooled on my phone. could vanilla ice cream make it any better?
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