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  1. I think it makes an amazing pasta sauce, especially if you do a slow cook of cherry tomatoes, garlic & onion in a dutch oven or something in the Kamado then add your preferred sauce. Another great hit was Brisket in steamed Bao buns, these are incredibly easy to make and taste amazing.
  2. Hi Pablo, The version 2 does not have a metal vent slide for adjusting idol air flow, it has been replaced with a flap over the fan. This should easily tell you which version you have. Corey..
  3. My Catcher from a Classic 3 went within a couple of cooks, there is a reasonable twist which makes it get stuck, it's increasingly getting harder to pull out of the door, it's not an angle issue just distortion, also the stainless housing seems to be smaller than others have photos put of up, this allows ash to get into the void around the ash catchment system. I don't know if its Stainless component small or the fire box ring is large, that being said I have a reasonable gap for each petal, again it differs to most others images of assembled units. Great product but there may be some manufacturing tolerances that have a wide margin, I'll address this issue with my supplier a little later, with a bit of luck it gets hot enough to distort back, haha
  4. Try soaking with a dissolved dish washing tablet or powder for dishwasher, That's my go to for anything burnt on, try keep the container small enough to just have the rack submerged. if that doesn't work Kill it with Fire
  5. The left over parts are for replacing the hinge, they are required for locking or compressing the spring, retain for emergency use in 5 /10 years haha. you may want to look at the online instruction PDF, my Classic 3 had an old version, which had no inclusion of the slo roller. Those are small internal doors, enjoy the Big Joe, and you'll soon be taking the cook all week as a secret win!!
  6. Hi all, Not sure if anyone else here is onto it, I spied on the ikamand Facebook group a user who had a Milwaukee 18v tool battery hooked up to his unit so I threw the question at him, He had bought an aftermarket battery adapter and a cable of amazon to get this system to work. If your not aware of this possibility, 18V you are wondering ! yes that's right. let me explain to the best of my knowledge. Milwaukee has their 12v heated jackets, so as an addition they created a converter piggyback battery system that they call the "M18 Power Source" ( M18USBPSHJ2) that allows the 18v to be used with higher amperage. The Milwaukee Power source has an on off switch & USB charge output as well, I think there's complaints that its only 0.5 amp. In addition to the USB there is a jack hole that must be 12 V DC as it is for inputting the heated jacket into to use for an extended power source of the 18 V Battery. This is a DC 5x 2.1/2.5 jack which is the same as the iKamand power cable. no cables come with the Milwaukee Power Source and the Jackets have a hardwired one so they are not an item sold, In addition to this you need a male to male cable that has DC 5x2.1/2.5mm on either end. These are available on ebay and amazon but a little hard to find and filter through as prices and sizes can vary, It does appear they are used for electric guitar pedals to some kind of power board or some kind of other sync board so that may help you find them. I purchased one of ebay through a seller that also has a website called swamp industries. If anyone is using this system can you please let us know what kind of run times that may be expected. I have bought my Power source and ordered a cable but not yet received, I'll get back here at some point and see if I can give a recommendation, I did do a page search and found nothing with battery and iKamand. Pictures will be added too a little later. the other guy had found an aftermarket version on amazon for the non genuine model, there seems to be a fair few on it searching Milwaukee power source. I bought mine for I think $45.00 from a major tool shop here in Australia, I have loads of Milwaukee batteries so this suits me quite well if they can power long enough, it gives me a few options to roll my Classic 3 around to different positions without worrying about our Labradoodle tripping on the extension lead and pulling it out, all I'll have to worry about is keeping here from licking BBQ utensils and stealing lump chunks.
  7. Just an FYI. I just calibrated my thermometer it was about 10/15 degrees Celsius out. I also checked the iKamand which had a meat probe out 2deg C out. all in all pretty good. Before putting the dome thermometer in the water I remembered seeing another post where the someone’s was full of condensation so I put a slit in a plastic small meat tray a pushed the spike in that to act as a shield for my hand and steam. I’m sure steam shouldn’t get in but just in case. also I didn’t like the thermometer having no gasket to the ceramic surface so I used a hot water Ceramic 1/2 turn tape silicone seal as a gasket between the dome and thermometer back. Felt nicer confessing on that than hard ceramic. so all pretty good and a little more confidence.
  8. Another question, I have the Aluminium SloRoller and I want to prevent too much gunk dripping from this cook, I have some 10mm/15mm thick 300mm x 300m ceramic commercial tiles used as hazard warnings for casting into footpaths, it is a natural/coulor would you expect this kind of tile to be safe. I may have to heat it a bit prior to make sure there isn't any vapor coming from them if there is pigment. or safer just using a drip pan ?
  9. Thanks! For my first run i was pretty happy. Next I'll need the temp down a touch and not have a time constraint.
  10. Here’s my 2nd and 3rd cooks. very happy with both. Ribs ran a little hot and fast but still sensational.
  11. Hi Kamado community. 4th cook in and I’m going balls out and doing a brisket this weekend. Plan was for some maple glazed pork belly/burnt ends style but the ladies weren’t keen on the fatty pork belly. So I’ll give them another choice of brisket. I’ve got a Joe Classic 3 and an iKamand v2 setup. Using some lump which is mangrove root which has been exceptionally good. my only concern is times and expectations of cook times. Is a brisket this small something that is often used or unusually small where 8 hours is probably the time realm over the 15 hour. I plan on putting it in on Friday night over night so before I commit to an overnight cook I wanted to check if 8 hours plus is likely trying to keep at 230f maybe a bit lower not wrapped with slo roller. I know times and vary just want to know if this is a good chance or destined to fail. Cheers from DownUnder
  12. They look Delicious. I have made a good few large batches of sausages and burgers using my KitchenAid grinder and tube kit. word of warning ! give it a few rests if you're doing a few Kg's of meat. the oil seal can go as mine did/has. and now has an annoying drip. My favorite mix was always 2Kg of Lamb Shoulder and 1 Kg of Pork belly. I would try remove as much of the skin as possible retaining most of the fat to go in the mix. the ratio of Salt is important. I would have added 2 Tablespoons of Flaked Pink Maldon Salt to that Qty. also honey, balsamic glaze, rosemary and mint, with my homemade smoked chilli and ground white pepper. Another help is put your meat in the freezer for a little bit, 1 or 2 hours depending on thickness, that's to get the meat to stiffen or slight frosting. it will allow the machine to cut/mince it easier and less load on the machine. I'm speaking for a KitchenAid unit specifically. there is another metal unit I have seen that seems to have just been released. I have noticed some superficial plastic splitting on my unit around the area that has the metal mechanism formed in the base. Either way they work well and don't add another big gadget if you have the KitchenAid.
  13. Hi all, Frst admission is the subject attached was cooked in a Cobb cooker not a Kamado. But over lump charcoal. I’ve just ordered my Classic Joe 3 and Ikamand V2. In anticipation I ran a batch of individual pizzas over the weekend. Dough and pizza were top notch. Accept the dough contracted more than I’d like whilst rolling out. Is that generally just due to not being refrigerated at the time ? I made the dough the night before. Raised needed wrapped and refrigerated over night. It expanded more, I knocked the air out held at 40deg Celsius for an hour or so then needed and sat for another hour or two. the dough was hard to keep in shape while forming. that being said I minced coarsely a cut of pork shoulder added fresh thyme, flakes salt, fine white pepper, garlic and made balls. They took on the Smokey charcoal flavour incredibly.
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