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  1. Apologies in advance for this long-winded post. I took this photo just now. It was built about 13 months ago. It rained a bit last night, so things are still a little wet. I will be using the Large Egg in a couple of hours. From left to right, Four Grand Mere 950B (raised option) from Bread Stone Ovens, Large BGE, Challenger Designs cabinet, Extra Large BGE, and finally, a few plants that needed the rain. When I put the eggs in place, I replaced the hinge on the large with the newer design and a few months ago went with the new style damper top. I contracted out to
  2. I had my large today up to about 650 degrees inside the dome. Took a thermal picture of the back of the egg. Virtually no temperature increase a few inches behind the egg. Egg is surrounded by an circular cutout in an Ironwood surround I made out of deck boards. approximately 0.5" to 0.75" of air space between the egg and the surround. So, to answer your question directly, I don't see any issue with temperature. Answering more to the spirit of the question, I would strongly consider putting the kamado somewhere else. That close to the wood siding of the
  3. New to the forum. Egging for ~6 years. L and XL egg, gasser I rarely use, and wood burning oven. Mark
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