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  1. Thanks BigKev. I just ordered some because of your post. Take care. Enjoy the Big Joe. I've got one also.
  2. Hi All, Pretty good deal at Walmart Stores for Royal Oak Lump, 15.4 lbs. bags for $9.87 if you can find a store with them in stock. It's not my favorite, but pretty good stuff. Take care. Kurt
  3. Thanks to both. I believe this may have been the issue, but also asking your experience with the following scenario: on this particular cook of the cobbler, the grill temp had gotten up to 500F, so I closed vents down to 1/2” bottom, 1/2 on top to cool it off. I realize that the fire getting choked off like this will cause undesirable smoke, but I didn’t put the cobbler on until grill had cooled off to 400F, at which point I reopened the vents to an appropriate amount to maintain at 400F. Would you guess that the choked down fire also contributed? If so, how would you approach that situation if the grill needed to be cooled down? Thanks, Kurt
  4. Hi to John Setzler, Thanks for all of your YouTube content and input in the forum. I do use the KJ Lump, from a Roadshow, exclusively on my new Big Joe 3. I have noticed a smokier taste from the KJ Lump, than RO from HomeDepot used on a PitBoss 24. It has generally been acceptable, but different from the RO in a PitBoss 24. I have not broken down larger chunks. I just did just do a cook of a blueberry cobbler, and the smoke taste was horrible. It was a new bag, no smoke wood, and it was preheated to 400F for about an hour. I would be happy to send you the remainder of the bag for your opinion if you're interested. Please PM me if that works. Kurt
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