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  1. Good Evening, I have had my kamado for a few weeks now, so still very new to it all. Most of the cooks that I have done have been a success but I am always looking for advice. At the weekend I am going to cook 2 racks of baby back ribs (approx. 1.3lb each rack) and a whole chicken (approx. 3.75lb) on a poultry stand and would like some advice on cooking them together. I will be setting the grill up to cook indirectly at around 250f and was thinking of cooking for around 4 hours. Does that sound about right? Also do the ribs need to wrapped in foil at any point? Thanks Daniel
  2. Haha, it was actually an origami foil salmon holder.
  3. Thanks for all of the replies. So I got a dual probe thermometer from Amazon - a Thermopro TP08. I have only had a little play with it as it only arrived on Thursday but it looks like a good bit of kit and had good reviews. I will look at the kick ash basket and chimney starter although I have had no issues starting it up at all but anything that speeds up the heating process is welcome.
  4. Good Morning, Having purchased my first Kamado around 3 weeks ago I am still new to the Kamado world and am learning all of the time. I have cooked on it for the last 3 days and I would consider all of the cooks to be a success but I'm not sure that my methods are correct. Any advice would be welcome..... Cook 1 - A "beer can chicken" cooked on a poultry stand, with sweet potato wedges and corn on the cobs...had a pretty full fire box and used 3 firelighters and cooked the chicken indirectly at around 400f for 90 mins, it was delicious and the skin was crispy but I think I should have taken it off 10 minutes earlier. The sweet potato wedges were drizzled with oil and seasoned and were cooked in a pan for around 45 minutes at 400f and the corn on the cobs were put straight on the grill for the remaining 10 minutes of the cook. Once it was all done I kept it warm in the oven in the kitchen and whacked the kamado up to 650f and made a garlic bread pizza. All of it was really good. Cook 2 - Baked potatoes, roasted shallots, mushrooms and peppers, sausages and chicken thighs (for me) and salmon (for the wife)...had a pretty full firebox and used 3 firelighters and cooked the potatoes indirectly for just over an hour at 400f they were seasoned with garlic oil and a smoky sea salt. They were soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I then put the rest of the veg in a pan and drizzled it with oil and seasoned it and they were added to the potatoes for around 40 minutes. Then (I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it) I put the second tier of the grill on, put the lid up and cooked the chicken thighs, salmon and sausages as if I was using a normal BBQ. Cook 3 - 7 pizzas...had a pretty full firebox and used 5 firelighters, I let the kamado sit at around 700f for a while and then started the pizzas one by one. The kamado kept its heat well despite having to keep lifting the lid to change the pizzas and they were all really good.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I think I'll have a look at the Mavericks.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I will have a play next time I want to do 2 cooks.
  7. Is it ok to use the kamado in the rain? I know the kamado won't be bothered by the rain but how about the food? Does the food get ruined if the vents are open and the rain gets in?
  8. Afternoon, I've just got myself a Louisiana Grills 24inch Kamado and have just done my first 2 cooks. First cook was 2 pizzas. Second cook was 5 pizzas and once the temperature had cooled to around 300f I put a small gammon joint in. The kids and wife said it was the best pizza they have had!! This is what I did, any advice for future is welcome.....filled the firebox up to just above the air holes and lit the lumpwood, put the heat deflector in with the pizza stone on top of that with a small gap in between using small parts of copper piping, after about 5 minutes I put the lid down, opened both the top and bottom vents fully and left it for around 45 minutes so the heat had been sitting at around 650f for a while then put a little cornmeal on the stone and put the pizza on. The first cook I cooked 2 pizzas and cooked them for around 7 minutes which was probably a little too long but they still tasted great. The second cook I cooked 5 pizzas so I put a little more lumpwood in and cooked them for around 4/5 minutes each and they were incredible. Once the pizzas were done I left the lid up for a while and when the temp was stabilised at around 300f I put a small gammon joint in which I have just had for lunch and was really good. Like I say any advice welcome on things I am doing wrong would be appreciated. What is the best way to cool the kamado down so I can stabilise it at a different heat to do a second cook?? I was just guessing with the way that I did it.
  9. Good Morning, I'm in Southampton in the Uk and have recently purchased a Louisiana Grills 24 inch Kamado from the local Costco. Completely new to Kamados so need all the help I can get. I've done 2 cooks so far (successful according to the wife and kids - best pizza ever apparently). Can anyone recommend any essential accessories that I'm going to need please? It came with a cart and shelves, heat reflector, 2 tier grilling rack and an ash tool and I have since purchased a pair of decent glove and a pizza stone and peel. I plan to have a go at cooking all sorts on there, meat, vegetables, paella, mac n cheese, lasagne, desserts etc. I assume I should really get a meat thermometer of some description but what else do I really need?? Thanks Dan
  10. I'm Dan from Southampton in the UK and I purchased my first Kamado last week from the local Costco - a Louisiana Grills 24 inch Kamado. Done a "cure" burn as per the owners manual and done 2 cooks which were surprisingly very good. Lots of questions to ask which I will post on the relevant boards.
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