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  1. Hi Guys, Took my first crack at reverse Searing on my KDC2. Turned out good and to everyone's approval. Did them at 225*C and had a meat thermometer in. Timing should be about and hour but they got to 110* really quick (20-25 min) and a couple were even higher when I took them off to rest. Only one was cut properly at 2.5" think but that one was still ready to rest only about 10 min after the others. They turned out and but should I have gone with 3"? I still felt the 2.5" steak could have been better and all we're closer to medium than med-rare. Any suggestions are welcomed, trying to get better! Thanks guys, cheers!
  2. Great forum and post. First cook was a success! Had some trouble keeping the temp stable (went up and down about 10-20 degrees) but got it level and everyone loved the turn out. Any tips on how I can stabilize the temp a little better? I put the wood chunks on late once the fire had begun. Did that cause the jumps? Thanks for all the useful info!
  3. Thanks Tom! Good notes. I'll update on how I turns out. Picking up the butt tomorrow. Cheers, Pat
  4. Hi Dwayne! I'm new to the craft and forum as well with only a few cooks under my belt. I had the same issue with my first cook and anytime it started to over shoot I close bottom and top vent to bring it back down, takes a bit longer but worked. Then I'd start adjusting the top again until it held. Make sure you 'burp' it before opening the lid all the way as well. I forgot when checking and it fired my temp up once I closed the lid again. Hope this helps.
  5. Good day! I'm planning on doing a Boston butt (8-10lbs) on my KJC2 this coming weekend. This will be my second cook and first Boston butt. I'm expecting the 1.5 hrs per pound and wondering how full I should have my bowl for a cook like that? I'm using regular lump charcoal (vision brand). I also have the thermopro TP08 for monitoring temp. I'm open to any tips for a first timer! But the above post is very informative. Thanks! Love the forum. Cheers, Pat.
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome guys! I got some beef ribs to celebrate the new purchase and wasn't disappointed. Weather could have been better for an afternoon of smoking but the KJC2 held temps like a champ and was a joy to use. Can't wait to try a pork shoulder next! Cheers!
  7. Hello hello, First time kamado owner and first time as a forum member. Just got a new kamado joe classic II to start off the warm months. I got a ton of useful info from this forum when I was researching what to get and had to join. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and making some dynamite grub! Regards, Pat.
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