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  1. Appreciate the help. I went ahead and purchased one of the 12in smokeware drip pans, and I did a high temp burn yesterday until the smoke was clear which I think will help a lot. It had been a while since I've done a high temp cook so the grease had time to build up. Looks great now though. I also got a bristled nylon drill brush and made some good headway on the bottom ring of the sloroller. In hindsight I think I added to many wood chunks at the start of the cook as well which contributed to the thick white smoke. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated!
  2. Hi all, Longtime reader but first time poster. Big fan of the forum and of John's videos in general. I had a question related to grease flare ups causing thick white smoke during my brisket cook yesterday. I've read a lot of the forums saying you don't really need to clean the sloroller and I generally just flip the top plate over for my next cook and it stays relatively clean. The problem seems to be the bottom ring, as it is now caked with grease and producing a thick white smoke. I don't use a drip pan and so any drippings that land on the ring or the central plate seem to be causing a lot more acrid smoke then they did in past cooks. I am going to do a high temp burn to clean the rest of the grill, but with the sloroller temp limit I'm not going to keep it in for that. I've seen John's video using the wire drill brush to clean it, has that seemed to work well over time or does anyone else have a different method? I'm not worried about the finish as that shouldn't matter for how the sloroller functions, just want to get everything reasonably clean to prevent those grease flare ups. Appreciate any and all advice, have really enjoyed the site. Thanks in advance!
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