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  1. Brisket nachos, brisket totchos (nachos with tots instead of chips).
  2. I thought the BGE version was one solid plate with feet on it. Can you link to what you purchased? I may consider doing the same if they fit perfectly.
  3. Was it a very thin brisket? Was it a full packer with both the point and the flat? Only other thing I can think of is that 275 is just a tad high in my opinion for low and slow.
  4. I always brine a turkey. Yes, that will keep it from drying out. I also don't just rely on the leave in probe. When the leave in probe is close I start checking various spots with my instant read.
  5. Jealous Devil and Fogo are my two top choices. I've stopped purchasing KJ due to consistency issues with their product.
  6. It would take some serious wind to blow over a KJ. We've had two Hurricanes hit us directly this season and my KJ didn't budge.
  7. Opened my first bag of Jealous Devil last night - this is good stuff. Good sized chunks, burned clean, very little ash or smoke.
  8. Ah, missed that part entirely. I didn't realize they made lump. Will check it out.
  9. Interesting. Out of all charcoal is that your #1 choice? All the briquettes I've tried seem to smoke and create a lot of ash. I find that natural lump seems to burn cleaner, but I admit I've not tried RO.
  10. Fogo is usually my #1 choice but its become harder to find. I just ordered a bag of Jealous Devil but it hasn't arrived yet.
  11. I've probably been through 10 bags of KJ and the last bag I used popped and sparked a ton. So much so that all my food was covered in ash. I don't recall noticing a difference in smell. This bag that sparked was clearly different than the others. I've posted before about some KJ orders coming in logo'd bags while others come in inside out repurposed sunflower bags from another company. I left all my vents open and burned it all off.
  12. DonBB

    I screwed up!

    Might as well cube it and turn it into chili.
  13. Are you sure you actually need to check on/spray/rotate your meat? What are you cooking?
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