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  1. DonBB

    KJ Charcoal

    Update - so I finally heard back from support. They say “sometimes bags leave our warehouse in non-logo bags.” They’re sending me a complimentary bag for the trouble. I guess these bags are legit.
  2. I put mine in as soon as the charcoal catches, then I close everything up. About 10 minutes.
  3. Is the gasket actually moving or is the entire lid offset from the bottom?
  4. DonBB

    KJ Charcoal

    Right, but this purchase was directly from KJ, not from Amazon. I've ordered KJ charcoal from Amazon in the past however and received the same thing.
  5. While I agree, radio silence is not the way to handle the situation. The automated email message when creating a ticket still says "we will respond within 24 - 48 hours." They could do a little better with communication if they're just way behind with a backlog of support requests.
  6. DonBB

    KJ Charcoal

    Here are some pics.
  7. DonBB

    KJ Charcoal

    Well the only reason I mention knock off is because there are reviews on Amazon claiming the same thing and that the charcoal caused a chemical taste on the food - inside out white bags that have been repurposed from another country. They have logos on them and everything in another language and its not a KJ logo. I'll take a picture and post it. It doesn't help that I can't get KJ support to respond to my ticket about it. Why would KJ not be using their own branded bags?
  8. I had the same problem and contacted KJ. They sent me a new tower free of charge and this one doesn't have the same issue.
  9. I was in the same boat on my first purchase but decided to go with the 24. I'm so happy I did. I'm usually doing small cooks, but sometimes I load the grill surface down. It's nice having the extra space when you need it.
  10. I tried calling support today and got the same "phone support is closed at this time" message.
  11. DonBB

    KJ Charcoal

    I've ordered KJ charcoal in the past and it always came in a KJ box with a KJ branded bag inside of the box. This past go round I ordered two boxes directly from KJ and while the boxes looked normal the bags were what I can only describe as white inside out mulch bags from another country. I've been emailing Kamado support for over two weeks now and have an open ticket but have received no response from them other than the initial open ticket response. I've read others that have ordered from Amazon received the same thing and claim this is knock-off fuel. Is this normal?
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