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    Painting and drawing, making, cooking, fishing, fermentation and pickling, outdoor things, BBQ, gardening, spicy spicy spicy.
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  1. Was drinking a beer, racking my brain about what I could use as a spacer under my drip pan to keep liquids from scorching on the deflector. Then drank 2 more and came up with this. Sorry if this simplest hack ever has been posted before!
  2. oh no way would I punch a hole in the thing! I'm just talking about between the lid and the body - thanks for your feedback, makes perfect sense.
  3. apologies if this simple question has been answered. Doing my first few smokes on the JR and I ran the probe wires through the main lid gasket. I've seen some vids of people running the probe wires through the top vent? Which do ya'll prefer? I don't want to screw up my gasket but also the wire can impede the vent. Thoughts?
  4. thanks guys! Gonna do a 6-8 lb butt on it this weekend.
  5. Hello bbqheads. I'm a Chicago (west town) based dude, mostly from the southeast - the Carolinas are home, GA roots. I think BBQ is in my blood. (And that would be mustard-based blood....hahah) I'm cooking on an Akorn Jr and a weber kettle. I'm new to the Akorn Jr, and excited to learn its quirks. I'm mostly interested in low and slow cooks, but always interested to try something new too. I"m interested in hearing tips on keeping the Akorn Jr. low and slow for my first smokes on this new little smoker, and any ideas ya'll may have. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. Heres what I'm working with: Akorn Jr. with smoking stone, Inkbird IBT-2x thermometer, chimney, boat load of lump coal and a lighter. And beer. Been lurking the board for awhile and it looks like a wealth of knowledge.
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