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  1. I Love Royal Oak but BJ's had KJBB on sale all summer for $18 so I tried it and have been using it since. Tried B&B but was very Disappointed.
  2. I just picked up a new Kamado Joe Classic 1 @ Bj's for 499... Figured I couldn't pass up on this deal...
  3. Hello, I'm going to try a Boneless Leg of Lamb tomorrow. We are planning to eat the meat in a Gyro Style sandwich so we want it Pulled and Tender. I'm thinking about 225-240f for as long as it takes. I would rather not Wrap it if I dont have to but will if it's needed. Any suggestions?
  4. What you see if what was left and the firebox was cleaned after it cooled down. The pic is a little misleading. I should have taken a pic before cleaning .
  5. The picture was after a 12 hour burn. I woke up and saw the temps when t from 245 to 165 and when I opened up this is what was left. There was more ash but i knocked it off before taking the pic.
  6. ok so I purchssed a used PB in pretty good shape. Replaced the Gasket and them started playing with it trying to learn it. I noticed that unlike the Akorn I have the PB is slower to adjust which is what I expected. What I wasn't expecting is the tenps dropping after 8- 9 hours as if the fuel was depleted. Swapped the stock Charcoal grate to get more air flow and i can now get about 12 hours before it goes out. I'm starting to think the issue may be the size of the fire box. When coals burn they don't always spend to unlit coal. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any aftermarket parts just bc they are hyped but I'm thinking something like a KAB would have bundle the charcoal better. Let me hear what you all think of my observations. THANKS
  7. I see Home Depot has a decent deal on their Vision HD Kamado's. I checked the website and it seems like they are a little heavier than some of the other series within their line. So my question is are they built More heavy duty?
  8. I purchased two bags and to honest at first sight I'm not impressed. TONS of Silver dollar sized pieces. I also picked up some Big Joe Lump for $17 for 20lbs at BJ's and at first sight im VERY impressed with the size. To be fair I haven't cooked with either but as a Die Hard Royal Oak Guy I was expecting more from B&B..
  9. I just picked at a Costco Prime Brisket (9.5lbs) for a little over $52. I believe it was 5.49per lb. The Choice options were 7.50 per lb. This is my first brisket and wasn't sure why the prime was cheaper but figured it was worth a try.
  10. They already made things right.. Very impressed with their Customer Service..
  11. The sale is great but of course I ordered my Smoke X4 4 days ago. :(
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