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  1. So I completely forgot to take pictures at the end of the cooking process (everyone was hungry), but I did 2 chickens this weekend, both spatchcocked. One I dry-brined for about 6 hours, and the other for around 20-21 hours. Dry brining worked really well (better with the longer period) in terms of keeping the meat really moist and ensuring that the skin was crispy (since you basically leave it uncovered on a baking rack in the fridge for the entire duration of the dry-brine). If you can make the flat, open space in your fridge, I recommend that even with the spousal grumbling I ran into (we h
  2. Yep! Though they are dying out; the old hippie-types still wander around the Saturday Market, but they're no longer the dominant thing about the city. But Eugene is still remarkably friendly, even as us younger folks manage to take over. We're turning it into a hub for small companies, mainly tech (software, tech services, hardware--I'm with a tech services company), but also food . . . the beer scene around here just keeps getting better.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Annie and I just got my Vision Series C kamado last week. So far I've only cooked part of one meal on it (I decided it would be really hard to screw up inch-thick t-bone steaks and I was right), but I'm very excited about using my kamado more extensively, especially to bake in the summer without heating up the kitchen (mostly yeast breads--I made the mistake of getting the family used to homemade bread and now none of us want store-bought squishy loaves). I have already been combing through the forums quite a bit over the last month as I chose which grill to get and fired it u
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