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  1. This is actually my second post as I needed some mid-cook brisket help (thanks to those who saved the day!) but new KJ (Classic II) owner here. Just moved to Denver from Atlanta and spending a lot of time cooking and smoking while in quarantine. On to home brew as well here in the next week or so. So far have primarily grilled but did tackle a brisket (Id give it a 6.5/10). Have a pork butt and a rack of St Louis ribs on deck for Memorial Day Weekend so along with this ill take any advice on the two of those! In other news, planning on spending the forseeable future of my summer setup on this porch with the KJ rollin and beers flowin.
  2. Thanks for all the input! Taste actually turned out pretty great overall despite initial smoke issue. General end results: - Great flavor overall - didnt end up as bitter as I was concerned about - Moist juicy point overall but bottom of brisket across the board was a little tough (cooked fat cap up) - Flat was a little tougher but interior was generally pretty tender - not as much as I was hoping for still Some observations: - Meat never really stalled, internal temp ran up pretty quickly throughout entire cook (note - in previous post I mentioned that grill temp jumped at the start but I did not put the meat on until it was stabilized at 275) - Hit ~185 I.T. much quicker than anticipated but I left on for a total of about 8 hours before wrapping - Wrapped in butcher paper and left on another 2 until it hit 203 I.T. then pulled and let rest about 1.5 hrs - Looking back I should have pulled and wrapped a little earlier but I think I was looking for a little darker bark. For my very first smoke on the KJ id give it a ~7/10 versus hope/expectation.
  3. Thanks gentlemen! I was actually trying to mimic some of your YouTube videos, John along with one from Flaming Rooster BBQ who certainly appeared to use more wood than you did which tells me likely #1 was the culprit. This was only my second cook on the KJ (got it Wednesday) and the first was just some basic chicken breasts. Excited to put some more miles on her.
  4. Cooking my first brisket on the KJ Classic 2 and had a lot of trouble with thick white smoke. My process below, if anybody can help me find the mistake it would be much appreciated! - Loaded KJ with Jealous Devil lump charcoal and mix ~5-7 oak log chunks of medium (?) size. Logs were highly likely kiln dried but I did get them in firewood-like logs from a meat market vs the mass distro grocery store/home improvement bags - Used Royal Oak starters and got the lump lit for about 15 minutes, then a couple of the oak chunks caught and I got a decent fire. - Closed the top but opened the vent fully to try to let it smoke out and carbonize. Temp jumped pretty quickly to about 350 so I choked it back and got it stable around 260 but the thick white smoke continued for a solid 45+ minutes at which point I had no choice but to start the meat - White smoke continued for another hour+ after this, albeit it didnt billow out quite as aggressively. This went on for a couple of hours at least which seemed like an excessively long time. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!
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