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  1. Myself and some buddies who are scattered around around New Zealand and Australia have a challenge between us. We all chuck in $50 each and the first to complete all the challenges collects the pot. One of the challenges is smoked cheese, some have tried on a kamado but they are way too insulated and delicious fondue is the result. Whilst cruising the local hardware store I saw a toilet brush for 8 bucks. This brush came with a stainless steel holder so my inspiration was triggered. So below is the result, manuka chips in the Weber that is normally take to the beach, stainless steel chimney to reduce the heat, cardboard box with some grills as a smoker chamber and a clog to keep it closed. Total cost of mods $8 including free toilet brush, winning! The 2nd vent on the Weber was ideal for bleeding heat if the smoker was getting too hot. I kept it running for 3 hours with a very gentle smoke on a selection of cheeses. These are now in the fridge to let the flavor mature. I will get back in a few days to let you know how it tastes.
  2. "Put back on a rack and refrigerate until completely chilled before slicing. " yeah well ..........hmmmm.......there is a bit of a problem with that step.
  3. I will have to look up the recipe when I get home. The basic details was aprox... Honey +- 3 tablespoons Brown sugar +-3 tablespoons Curing salt Salt +- 3 tablespoons some water to mix. Soaked for 6 days, washed and dried for 24 hours. For the next run I would like to get some rum into the mix. I have a challenge with some buddies around the globe where we have thrown in $50 each. The first to complete the list gets the pot, using alcohol in a cook (in the food that is) is one of the challenges.
  4. My Nobel prize winning invention will be a watertight bag made from pure bacon. The REAL risk from Sous vide and good bbq is that I eat way too much of it. Last night I had to walk off dinner and almost got bowled by a motorcycle that crashed! (rider was ok) If it was not for the the delicious grilled fish meal I would not have had the walk and almost got killed! Side note, I am currently in Vietnam and their use of chill, lime, coriander etc is mind bending!
  5. Great post, the moisture content can catch me out sometimes, normally from myself being too enthusiastic with the toppings! Making your own dough always better than store bought for me (also no easy to find in NZ). I think of something that has ticked me off whilst kneading the dough mix, result a great dough, upper body workout and a free therapy session!
  6. Hi there, I have been a long time lurker on this forum but sadly my contributions have been lacking. Just want to start with a BIG thanks to the posters here, you have helped me create some great dinners. Recently I tried my first bacon and despite it being slightly too sweet for my taste it was a great success. I will definitely be repeating with different brine's and mixes. As a bonus the bacon that I made was better and cheaper than store bought as well! Some photos that I made on the way are attached. Over the coming months I hope to post more bacon success. Cheers Graham from New Zealand
  7. I bought mine here in New Zealand with the idea to try out kamado style cooking and if it worked out to upgrade to a BGE when it eventually fell apart. Well 3 years in the Akorn is still holding together really well with only a bit of surface rust on the bottom tray. This is something a quick wire brush and pant will fix. The smoking stone has a hairline crack appearing so a replacement may be due soon. Should the Akorn ever eventually fail I would happily buy the same again.
  8. Thanks for that, I have found a supply that sells boxes with various grades for small hibachi style to "logs" which should be good for a long slow burn
  9. Much nicer than Old Zealand Recently got an Akorn here and been having some good fun with it. I will post some stuff when I get a bit better at it
  10. Down here in New Zealand we do not have the range or brands that are available in the U.S. When looking for good charcoal what properties do you look for. I have some charcoal with feels much heavier per chunk than others, would the lighter stuff be inferior or does it depend on the style of bbqing that you are doing at the time. Any advise greatly appreciated, sadly NZ is mostly a gas grilling nation so the information here has been a great help to me.
  11. I thought i was going to be the first kiwi here! You beat me to it. But good to see! I am firing up the char grill akorn for the first time today.
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