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  1. Did I need it? No. Could the Big Joe do all the grillin' and smokin' I could ever want? Yes. But I went ahead and bought a PK360. Woot woot! Now I need to cook something! Maybe grill some chicken breasteses. :p
  2. Hello all, I recently bought a Big Joe III and a DoJoe to go along with it. After a few cooks I thought I'd try to make some pizza and opened my DoJoe. I bought the wrong size! I ended up using the pizza stone so it has some marks on it, but I never used the DoJoe assembly. I destroyed the box so I don't think I can ship. $100 for a local pickup. Houston area (Sugar Land). Thanks!
  3. Also interested in this question...
  4. Saw some fantastic strip steak at the grocery store and instantly wanted fajitas. Found a bottle of marinade and grabbed some veggies and corn tortillas. First time using a poblano pepper along with bell peppers. Tossed the veggies into a cast iron skillet. Seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and ancho chile powder. The steak was a twice as thick on one side so I had a hard time getting the temp right. But the food came out great! I'm doing this again soon!
  5. I have always used the Left/Right layout for my 2 zone cooking on my Kettles. But on the Kamado, the grill is a little low and it gets real hot in that setup. So I've started cooking with the Top/Bottom layout. It seems to work better for me. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. What's your preference?
  6. Hello all! I'm a long time Weber Kettle and Smokey Mountain user. But I've always wanted a ceramic cooker. AT first I was looking at Big Green Eggs until I saw some comparisons with the Kamado Joe. Today I put together my Big Joe III and it's a beast! I can't wait to break it in with some ribs. :D
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