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  1. I kinda winged it and just came up with a herb sludge (rosemary, thyme, parsley, minced garlic, and avocado oil) on top of a little SPG rub. The PK360 performed perfectly, especially with the sear grates. Bourbon was drank. Tenderloin consumed. Guests were pleased. Watching Conner McGregor break is leg was the perfect finish to a great evening! :D
  2. Whoa! This sounds super good! And looking at some YouTube videos of this, I gotta try it. It would be perfect for the PK360 with my Kick Ash Basket. For this cook (UFC fight night!) I think I'm going to try Sam the Cooking Guy's video. The horseradish sauce looks crazy good!
  3. Went into the freezer and pulled away a bag of veggies and found this. A 4.8 lb prime whole tenderloin, un-trimmed. 7 months old! It's in the original butcher vacuum packaging. The grocery store doesn't really sell them this way, they cut them into filets for customers. I had asked for a whole one (for some damn reason), haha! So what do I do with this? Is it still good to eat? Should I defrost it? I have a Big Joe 3 and a PK360. I'd love some ideas of what to do with this. :D
  4. Did I need it? No. Could the Big Joe do all the grillin' and smokin' I could ever want? Yes. But I went ahead and bought a PK360. Woot woot! Now I need to cook something! Maybe grill some chicken breasteses. :p
  5. Hello all, I recently bought a Big Joe III and a DoJoe to go along with it. After a few cooks I thought I'd try to make some pizza and opened my DoJoe. I bought the wrong size! I ended up using the pizza stone so it has some marks on it, but I never used the DoJoe assembly. I destroyed the box so I don't think I can ship. $100 for a local pickup. Houston area (Sugar Land). Thanks!
  6. Also interested in this question...
  7. Saw some fantastic strip steak at the grocery store and instantly wanted fajitas. Found a bottle of marinade and grabbed some veggies and corn tortillas. First time using a poblano pepper along with bell peppers. Tossed the veggies into a cast iron skillet. Seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and ancho chile powder. The steak was a twice as thick on one side so I had a hard time getting the temp right. But the food came out great! I'm doing this again soon!
  8. I have always used the Left/Right layout for my 2 zone cooking on my Kettles. But on the Kamado, the grill is a little low and it gets real hot in that setup. So I've started cooking with the Top/Bottom layout. It seems to work better for me. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. What's your preference?
  9. Hello all! I'm a long time Weber Kettle and Smokey Mountain user. But I've always wanted a ceramic cooker. AT first I was looking at Big Green Eggs until I saw some comparisons with the Kamado Joe. Today I put together my Big Joe III and it's a beast! I can't wait to break it in with some ribs. :D
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