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  1. @TKOBBQSorry if I created confusion, but I ordered the DigiQ to fit an Akorn Jr. with the adapter for a Jr. I haven't put it on yet but it's supposed to be for the Jr. As for the fan, I believe they are the same, but with the DigiQ control unit, doesn't it control the fan output to get the desired temp. So it could go as fast or slow as necessary to maintain temp ?? Also, what setting do you leave the top vent at for these temp control units?? Thanks again!!
  2. @gordo2212Thanks for the reply Gordo. That model is exactly the one I've ordered for my Akorn Jr. Do you have any "pearls" you've learned while using it? Anything you wish you had, do you miss the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ?
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking at the DigiQ for a temperature control system for my Akorn Jr. It is on sale now for $187 this weekend and includes the adaptor for a Jr. Any pro or con reviews would be helpful. Any other better brand recommendations would be appreciated. I'm not seeing the usefulness of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on the system, please explain if you do. Thanks for any insight on your experiences.
  4. Thank you John for sharing your data, and I'm glad RO did so well in your tests...because I have a ton of it in my garage. I am relatively new to kamado cooking but my research of multiple tests did indicate RO is one of the better values in charcoal and it is good to see new tests confirm this. B&B is another value brand I've read good reviews on and would be interested in seeing it in your testing.
  5. Geaux Tigers!! I met my wife there and we bleed purple and gold.
  6. Well, I'm new to kamado cooking but before I found @ckreef thread comparing lump brands, I found the Naked Whiz's site and have bought out the local Walmart of RO. $10 for 15 lbs and $16-17 for 30 lbs. I figured it won't be around at Walmart after summer grilling season. When this supply goes down plan to try some B&B. My wife complained RO didn't taste smoky enough so we have been adding some pecan per @John Setzler technique.
  7. Looks awesome, now I want to make those. How long for the full burrito on the grill, just to warm it up?
  8. When you say stabilized at 250, when is that? Right after lighting? Mine tonight reached 250 just from the fire starter square in the first 10 min, but I didn't have a good mature fire with most of my coals lit yet. That took another 10-15 minutes and it reached 450-500 with everything wide open. If you then put all that mass into the grill without a fully lit fire, it's no wonder the temp went so low. Your fire didn't go out or it would not have recovered. Sounds like you just put it down so much it was almost like starting over. I'm a newbie to this myself but it would seem if your target temp is 250, you should go a little higher, 275-300, and allow more coals to light before putting so much mass in for the grill to heat up.
  9. We added our first kamado option , an Akorn Jr, to the GASJOE 32 after visiting this site recently. We will probably have to replace the GASJOE with a Blaze if we can't find replacement parts that fit, so far no luck. Looking forward to some kamado style cooking and these pics are of the first fire. The addiction is real, my wife can't believe how much I've already spent on accessories, and I haven't even gotten the Temp control unit yet. I'm seriously considering the DIGIQ DX3. Are there any better options for less money? Thanks for this site and all your help.
  10. @Bongowillie when you use your dutch oven, do you place the feet on the stone heat deflector or on the cooking grid or does it matter? Do you recommend one with feet? The skillets are used on the cooking grid or the stone? Just got my Akorn Jr this week and trying to make sure we have the right accessories between your post and John's essentials. Thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for the useful information. It sounds like the Akorn Jr checks all the boxes that we were looking for in our first kamado. The deflector and cover are definitely on the list as well. I don't see a drip pan on the Char-griller web site. Do they make one for the Jr specifically or is this something you find generically? Also, I'm not seeing/understanding where a drip pan would go inside or do you put one under the grill outside to prevent messes? Thanks again.
  12. I joined this forum recently in search of parts for my GASJOE grill. We had pulled out an old camping charcoal grill to use while looking for said parts and rediscovered the unique flavor from cooking with real charcoal. That and reading this forum has motivated me to add a Kamodo cooker to our options. The gas is built-in so it will be replaced. Also, the wife likes the ease and quickness of gas. But we also like the idea of adding a portable kamodo, it's just the two of us usually. We have started looking at Mini Max Eggs, Joe Jr and Akorn Jr but we like the idea of being able to do more than just flip burgers, chicken or steaks. So, my question is how much smoking, baking or low and slow cooking can one realistically do on the Akorn Jr in particular? Meaning how big of a roast, butt, chicken etc. can one cook on the Akorn Jr cooker? And does the Akorn Jr perform as well as the other ceramic cookers in terms of heat retention etc.? Thanks for sharing your experience and help.
  13. Man that looks good! So did you cook it with the top off your Dutch oven or top on?
  14. Thanks for the positive vibes, but I'm not holding my breath. If they don't have parts, they obviously don't have any intention to honor their warranties. We feel it's more wise to put the $500, for replacement parts that don't really fit, into a new grill. But I had to ask if they or anyone else knew or found something I had not.
  15. Hello everybody, I'm new to the board this week. I have a GASJOE 32 that came installed in my new house 7 years ago. I know, to you purists out there gas is not 'Natural', but it came with the house and the wife likes how easy/fast it is to light up and go. As i have learned more about gas grills, this GASJOE is a better quality machine with some nice features, including a separate searing burner. Well 7 years later, the internal parts (burners, heat plates, cooking grids) are in need of replacement. I had emailed KJ two times 12-18 months ago anticipating this need and never got a response. Well now the parts have corroded enough they have to be replaced, it's probably not safe. I again emailed KJ within the last 2 months asking again for help with parts. With the C-19 outbreak they were slow but did respond and directed me to the parts page on their website, which contains no GASJOE parts. They also haven't addressed if they will honor the warranty, since some parts have a 15 year warranty and some have lifetime. Even if they do not honor the warranty, the remainder of the grill is in great shape and could be refurbished. The problem is finding parts to fit this grill. I have searched numerous websites for parts and nothing is exact but some sorta/maybe would fit. Are there any other GASJOE owners on here who have dealt with this problem and where/what parts have they found that work best. Any help is appreciated.
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