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  1. I'm happy with grilling - just the normal charcoal flavor on burgers, steaks, etc. Can't say I've done much in the 350 range though - for me it's usually low and slow or hot and fast.
  2. @Classic Joe how long did you let the charcoal go before starting? I usually give it around 45 mins, until there’s no visible smoke. Lid only open for the first 5-10 mins though, or else I’ll have a roaring fire. You mentioned these were higher temp cooks - how high are we talking? Grilling for me has been great, but under 275ish is where I get the bad smoke flavor.
  3. @Mattman3969 I do like the sound of that. Not that I've 100% narrowed my problem down to charcoal (as opposed to my cooking methods), but it's a good place to start.
  4. Have you been happy with the Rockwood flavor? I switched to KJ big block because everyone seems to rave about it. But now I'm seeing info that it's made from South American hardwoods... I wonder if that's the flavor I'm detecting, compared to the North American hardwood I'm used to? Then again, people with better palates than mine seem to be fine with it, so who knows.
  5. @len440 @endou_kenji @fbov Here’s the exact process I’ve been using lately: Fill the firebox with enough KJ Big Block to last the whole cook. For small roasts it might only be a few handfuls, for brisket almost a full firebox. Tumbleweed fire starter goes right in the middle, nestled down a bit. Place one fist-sized chunk of wood (hickory, oak, pecan or apple) in the middle, right next to the fire starter. This ensures the wood lights at the very beginning. Light the tumbleweed. Bottom vent open, leave lid open about 5 mins for charcoal to get going. Once i
  6. I'll probably experiment with higher temperatures next and let you guys know how it goes. I'll also lower my expectations from offset-style smoke to something more achievable on a kamado - but I do think, if you could taste the food I'm getting, you'd agree that something's off. @John Setzler any chance of a video (or at least tips) for a wood-only burn? I'd really like to try it out.
  7. @Classic Joe Glad to hear I'm not alone! For me I'd say the flavor is tolerable enough to eat once, but the leftovers usually go untouched. The aroma is almost like the way your clothes smell after camping — smokey but not in an appetizing way! And I don't think it's a matter of being over-smoked, because I get the same taste with very little wood and <2 hours in the kamado.
  8. How much wood are you using, and any special procedure? I was originally worried about oversmoking, so I went from 3-4 chunks down to 1. Now I'm wondering if I need more wood to help mask the lump flavor... also switched from RO to KJ Big Block. KJ seems milder, but similar aroma still.
  9. I'll definitely try the higher temp next. Maybe what I'm smelling is some compounds from the lump that aren't burning off...
  10. How would you describe the flavor you get this way? My last smoke only had one tiny piece of oak in the KJ lump, and even that was basically burned off before I started cooking. Even though the smoke was mild, it had more of a "scrap wood" aroma than a "sweet bbq" aroma. Which is why I think it's coming from the lump... I definitely want to try this.
  11. I don’t know anybody near me with a Kamado, so unfortunately can’t compare. I really hope what I’m seeing isn’t just the normal “Kamado flavor”. It’s not very pleasant - can’t imagine anybody with experience would find it acceptable.
  12. @T Yelta @John Setzler I appreciate both your replies. I did learn this the hard way! Lately I've been using a single, small chunk of wood in the coals. In fact sometimes I'm pretty sure the wood has burned off completely before I even add the food. To both of you (and anyone else): would you say the flavor profile you get from a Kamado compares favorably against a stick burner? Not necessarily identical, but side by side they both smell and taste like good BBQ? For me the Kamado meat has honestly been almost unappetizing...
  13. Ok guys, I'm coming to the experts because I've exhausted all of my own ideas: Is anybody else unhappy with the smoke flavor produced by lump charcoal? Over the last year I've done around ~25 long smokes on my Big Joe, with all sorts of meats. Out of all those smokes, ZERO of them have turned out good. Not a single one. Here's why: every piece of food that comes out of the KJ tastes more like a campfire than true BBQ. No sweet, subtle, flavorful aroma like you get from a stick burner - just pungent smoke as if it was cooked over wooden pallets. And to be cle
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