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  1. Many thanks all. Although I need to learn how to make my dough! Watching lots and lots of vids!!
  2. Thanks, I managed to get it from a friend who made it for his BGE. Made from solid fencing posts. Rubbed down, and given 3 coats of yacht varnish. Before I got this, I was about to purchase this from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/707934484/kamado-grill-table-grill-table-for-green?ref=shop_home_active_2&crt=1 He makes them to order so you can choose colour, which side etc. Very reasonable I thought.
  3. Again, thank you all so much guys....really useful advice. I've got the gloves, the half moon grate is now on order as is the ash basket. Just looking for a stainless steel griddle and a thermometer. I've had a BBQ table built (see below) and once I get the KJ, I've found a place that will make a waterproof cover (certainly need it for UK weather!!) at a reasonable price. Granite top to go on top and then I'm ready!!
  4. Hi guys (and gals!), Just awaiting my KJ Classic II but have not yet ordered any accessories. It comes with the standard package but I am unsure which griddle plates (and anything else)to order and would appreciate your advice for a newbie. The pizza stone is part of the package but what, in your opinions, should I order as a necessity first? I don't want to spend too much as it's Autumn here in UK and soon Winter so the JoeRotissierie (best part of £250) can wait a little while. Wife doesn't eat meat but loves fish and veggies so thought I could a separate griddle? Grateful for your advice please. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, well, having set on my heart on a BGE, I saw the light and here I am! I have the table - pre made, and just awaiting my KJClass II. Never coked on one of these and cannot wait!
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