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  1. Agreed Len, it was chilly last night and even a coat and the fire did not keep us all that warm. Quick question John, how long does the Peach and Bourbon glaze keep for in the fridge or even the freezer? Cheers,
  2. Evening All, Followed John's Double Cut Pork Chops on the tube and made some new friends. The local butcher looked at me funny, cut them anyway and then was amazed when i showed him the pictures. My wife hates pork chops and now sends me back to the butchers every weekend for more. Easy, fun and tastes good enough that they will put you in a pork coma .... Cheers JS. Graham
  3. Thanks again everyone, You have convinced me to cook through the dark .... I will hook up a light and make sure i can see what I am doing. Anyone got any experience with cooking the Xmas Turkey on the Joe? Cheers,
  4. Cheers for all the advice chaps, I have the Kamado Joe Rain Cover for the unit and it seems good quality and would keep the rain off. I was worried that the fire box and the various bits and bobs would not survive the cold weather but i am guessing this isn't the case? When i took the cover off a few weeks back, there was a lot of condensation in the dome, even though i had the top and bottom vents open under the cover. Is this something to be worried about? Any chance we could get thoughts on how best to look after Joe during the winter as i would not want
  5. Evening everyone, First off, thank you for all the help and advice the community has provided over the last 6 months, it's been good fun to learn about my Joe and all the cool stuff you can do with Him. It seems to me that getting into the garden and cooking some nice food has really helped me deal with lockdown, elections, brexit and all the other crap going on around us. Wanted to attach some pictures of the food I have cooked before i pack Joe away safely for the cold, dark nights. Thanks again to everyone and staff safe. Graha
  6. Thank you to everyone that replied, such a decent forum with knowledgeable members. I think Brandon has cracked it ... just make a pizza the size of the moon and you don't need to keep people waiting. Great idea ... I tried 550 for 7 mins last night and it could have been the best pizza i have ever tasted. Great look from the guy in the plumbing shop when i strolled in and asked for 5 x 22 mm copper tees. "What project you got going on?" ... "Pizza ..." .... "Whatever, weirdo .."
  7. Morning Joe's, Been watching John's Pizza 101 tutorial and have successfully made my own dough and cooked a few great pizza in the 400-450 degree range with no issue. I am now looking to cook 3 - 4 pizzas on the bounce for a few friends and i wanted to know peoples experiences / opinions on getting a Big Joe III up to 900 degrees (F). I am slightly concerned that this is literally as hot as the grill goes and i don't want to damage anything. Any advice / experience people could share would be great. Graham. PS, some picture from a few recent coo
  8. Thanks @pmillen but your logic is all wrong .... Steaks are cool Tomahawks are really cool Therefore if i was to buy / cook / eat a Tomahawk Steak then i instantly become cool and everyone will say "Do you remember when Graham cooked that really cool steak that looked like a dam TOMAHAWK" and they will go "YEAH that was amazing, i wish i was as cool as Graham". I will post some pictures of people giving me "virtual" high-fives once it's all done and maybe even a little graph showing Tomahawk Steak vs Level of Awesome over time. Cheers,
  9. Thank you John and Don, John, i was supposed to say "John" in the first post but got your first name wrong and didn't want to butcher your surname from memory. I have a big Joe III and think i will go with reverse sear and see how they go. 2.5lbs in the UK is about £40.00 per steak so who knows .... i will let you guys know how they end up ... Question ... Wood blocks for smoking? I have some Kamado Hickory but it seems to be super strong ... will this overpower a Tomahawk? Cheers,
  10. Afternoon everyone, I have managed to get some 2.5lbs (1.5kgs) Tomahawk Steaks from a local butcher but have never cooked them before. Considering the cost, i wanted to see if anyone had experience before i started. I have watched Joe's video and it seems like reverse searing them is a good option. Anyone got any advice? Will post results after the weekend! Graham
  11. The Ribs went well ... and i got 2 more cooks from the same fuel ... remarkable.
  12. Cheers guys, Got my first ever rack of ribs on the go now ... 2 hours in. It's fitting that i am sat under a parasol with it's hailing down and then its sunshine again .. British weather is mental. I will report back when done ... Graham
  13. Thanks again for all the comments and support ... The night we got her i simply set the charcoal off, left the lid open for about 10 mins with the bottom vent open full and then closed the lid but again, left the top vent open. It was amazing to see how quickly the temperature rises once it's going. I managed to stabilise at about 400 degrees "f" and then just moved the vents around slowly to see what would happen. Eventually chucked some burgers on because we were both knackered and still a little hungry ... they were perfect. Next night, same again but with the slow r
  14. Good morning everyone, Thank you for all the advice and comments, it's really helped. Heuer ... We managed it! Had to remove the internal doors through the house from the Garage (didn't fit through the front door), remove the shelve brackets (they added an inch to the width) and use the packaging as "coasters" but me and the wife managed it. Fbov ... My wife has demanded that i cook for the rest of the weekend so i guess i was hiring help after all Len440 ... Cheers for the information, i fired her up last night, spent a couple of hours adjustin
  15. Not a bad shout Chris, I just googled the Pallet Lifters and they will fit through doorways. It's being delivered today so i will see how i got on and then report back FYI only. Cheers,
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