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  1. I have not seen this but I’m also two cooks into my grill. I also added an extra layer of felt on the top wheel.
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen. New to this group but very excited about joining this forum and also to start using my new kamado! Bought the 2020 red LG 24 model from Costco yesterday and after reading all the reviews on here, I'm wondering if anyone knows if they've fixed all the issues (lower vent seal, upper vent seal, gauge inaccuracy, etc.) with the new model? My red grill was sealed at the bottom vent with felt and some kind of sealant. Did the previous blue and black model have sealant all around the lower vent with felt? Also had felt at the top vent but I added a second layer. I took all of your recommendations on here and bought the woo ring with the half stones and drip pan. Are there any other accessories or mods you guys recommend?
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