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  1. I spent 6 months reviewing the various kamado grills on the market a few years ago. I called BBQ Guys to order either the Kamado Joe or the Primus. After talking with a sales rep for several minutes discussing pros and cons on both grills he hesitantly asked me if I could wait a couple months for this new Kamado they were creating with Blaze. Glad I waited...I bought the Blaze Kamado, Rotisserie and stainless steel cabinet...yes, it was expensive. I bought this on a "leap of faith" - no reviews were available at the time. I believe I was one of the first owners of this kamado in the USA. Any regrets...Hell No!! This grill is a beast...Indestructible...Holds Temperature...No Maintenance...Life Time warranty. I tell my adults kids they can fight over it when my grilling days are over... I expect to use this for another 30 years. For Easter a couple years ago I started lump coal on Saturday night at 7 pm - stabilized within 20 minutes to 225 degrees - put a 16 pound beef brisket on...took it off at noon on Easter Sunday and put the wrapped brisket in a dry cooler packed with towels for 5 hours. I then put 5 full racks of baby back ribs on kamado and smoked at 240 degrees (2/2/1 method) for 5 hours. Fed the entire family and in-laws dinner at 6 pm...they told me it was the best brisket and ribs they ever had. For those keeping track - that was 23 hours continuous cook time on one fill of lump coal - I did add some additional apple chunks when I put the ribs on for more smoke. When I checked the kamado the next day there was several more hours of lump remaining. I do not doubt for a minute that this grill will hold temperature for 30 plus hours. I use my Blaze Kamado multiple times a week (usually) year round in Iowa - in rain, snow, sleet and hail...sometimes all in one day:) I've slow cooked (225 degrees) everything imaginable - baked wood fired pizza at 750 degrees - and reversed seared some insane 3" Cowboy Ribeyes on this grill. If cost is not a major factor - I would recommend taking the plunge and buy the best Kamado on the market today. Now I can rest knowing that after 3 1/2 years I fin ally took the time to write a very lenghty review - wish there was one when I took the leap of faith.
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