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  1. Dman, not sure about low and slow. I did one direct for a sear then raised direct to temp (medium or so) and sliced thin and it was pretty good. I think I was cooking high 300s. Not super tender but tasty. Rubbed with garlic and some beef rub.
  2. John, congrats and it sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I haven't been posting a ton lately but always pay attention to the cook posts from all the great posters on this site. It's great to see the different ideas and approaches to kamado style cooking. I have to admit I've grown wary of all of the constant manufacturer 'debates' on this site so regardless of if you are working for KJ, BGE, or anyone else the only thing that matters is its a Kamado and it's interesting to me! Good luck!
  3. It is a good deal but you lose the warranty buying it second hand, even if new. I got one in a similar way for around 100 but think 150 is pretty good. It's a good cooker.
  4. That's a good price with shipping included. Thanks for sharing. Very interested...
  5. I would love one of these. Their site is pretty light. Do they have distributors? Could you share a ballpark price? I like how it is on a stand, must be heavy duty. Now not sure my wife will approve.....
  6. That's cool since without Keeper getting the area my google skills wouldn't have been effective since I've never been to Reno!
  7. Looks great. How well did the mojo flavor come through in the final results? I see you used the drippings as well. Looks like I may have to try it!
  8. BillsME

    XL EGG

    Seems like a good price.
  9. I use a 13" kiln shelf on a cheap grate with stainless steel bolts sticking up for legs (so I can do raised indirect). My buddy did same but used a $13 brinkman grill pizza stone for his.
  10. I emailed with BGE on a crack recently for one that my friend has now. Their words - 'we would never recommend drilling a hole into the ceramic'. I had asked if that could stop it from cracking more. They suggest jbweld or refractory cement if the 2 pieces are apart. I'd suggest cooking on it and see if the crack spreads. Worst case you add jbweld then. Additionally, a new base might only be a few hundred bucks which would still put your out of pocket under the 477 and all parts are in tact.
  11. Looks great. Even when logged out now it is very readable.
  12. This is interesting. I have the auber and would like to multipurpose it. Looking forward to the results.
  13. That's a great price with the accessories. Although, with Costco selling some Visions at 299 that's worth a look too. The color of the one I saw at BJs was a dark grey with black side tables (I believe). The grey was pretty good looking. If you search on this site I believe someone has posted a pic.
  14. Ha! I read every one of Akorn Jr's adventures but don't think I commented! Keep them coming.
  15. Sorry you feel that way and I hope you don't give up. I really like browsing all the different cooks and am not always good at commenting. I think with some of the upgrades John is doing if it includes the ability to 'like' a comment it would make a big difference. Sometimes you like what you see and just want to give a thumbs up without a comment.
  16. This design intrigues me as it would be a good entry into sous vide. Looking forward to the review. I don't think it will work with my crock pot since it has an electronic display and when I unplug and plug back in it doesn't go back to on (tested tonight.)
  17. Turkey sounds great, I'm going to be doing one soon as well. As for tapa talk, John has disabled the pic upload feature while he works on the upgrade.
  18. This is a good deal on what is supposed to be a solid grill capable stone. I've seen them at the store and they seem very strong. Just picked one up. http://home.woot.com/
  19. I hope it is not bad form to post a link to another forum, but fans of Adam may like this. It is about a pop up restaurant he is doing in CA this summer. Someone posted their experience and pics and on the third page of responses Adam himself posts. Seems like a cool guy and put me over the top on whether to order book or not. http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showt ... p?t=166820
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