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  1. Picked up the KJ Classic II for $999 this week here in Houston at the local grill shop.
  2. OK, cool, didn't realize the grill part itself was different.
  3. Assuming that the upgrade stand/roller and SloRoller will be available aftermarket at some point so you can mix and match.
  4. Went ahead with the KJ purchase. On sale at the fireplace store around the corner, $200 off normal retail price tilted the deal. First cook scheduled for Saturday, rib plate. 5-6 hrs at 275 deg F. Franklin method.
  5. New here to the forum, not yet an owner of a Kamado, but planning to become one in the next few weeks. Researching various models, features prices, etc. Current faves: KJ Classic II - likely purchase, but not totally sold yet. BGE Large etc.
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