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  1. JeffieBoy suggested, on my introduction, that I post the plans, so here goes. I apologize in advance because they're probably only helpful to me. I drew them up on virtual graph paper and there were some limitations on what I could draw. I really liked the tables that lacked visible screws, so I watched some YouTube and purchased the Milescraft pocket hole jig 100. I also made several changes as it came together, the biggest of which was moving the grill forward to make room for the lid to go up without hitting the brick wall (I was minutes from cutting out the hole dead center)! Also I was going to mount the brackets using the handle holes and top of table, but once I laid it in the hole, I realized I could hide the brackets underneath if I used the leg holes. I know I made some rookie mistakes, especially on the top when I only used 1 pocket hole per board, and three brackets with one screw each may not be enough for some, but I'm really happy with it, it's rock solid, and I'm totally surprised with what I was able to do with some basic tools, a pocket jig, and lots of YouTube!
  2. Thanks, eh. I posted some more details about the build in the DIY forum. I'll post my "plans" there too. I'm not sure sure they'll help much because I'm really new to this "carpentry" thing. I had a ton of help from YouTube and neighbors. Seeing what others had done here on KG was probably the most helpful though. I was amazed at what you can do with a drill and a pocket hole jig!
  3. I've had my Akorn Jr for almost a year. I've had it on a big flower pot, but have always wanted a table for it. I've been using weekends during the shelter in place to attempt a build. My biggest build prior was an Ikea bookshelf, so I had a lot of learning to do. This Kamado Guru site proved invaluable as I searched for ideas and how-to's, so thank you to everyone who has posted pics of their builds. I'm going to keep tinkering: maybe some LED lights underneath, and definitely a Corona beer opener (to remind me what I did during the Coronavirus! LOL). Now I'm researching temp controllers. I primarily use the Akorn Jr for searing after a soak in the sous vide, but I want to get into low and slow and really get the most out of the Kamado.
  4. I just wanted to thank everyone who posted pics of their grill tables, especially for the Akorn Jr. I've been using the shelter-in-place time to build my own table for my Akorn Jr. I couldn't have done it without all of the ideas and helpful suggestions posted here...so thanks!
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