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  1. Hello all, I just stopped by my local Lowes and they are backordered on the KJ coal. Anyone know of a good source of Lump Coal in Suffolk County?
  2. I enjoy making the Neapolitan style Pizzas. So far on the Kamodo 700-750 degrees seems about right to me. I was excited to get the DoJoe and then found out it has a limit of 700 degrees. I followed the excellent tutorial video by Mr.Setzler and I was able to lock in the temp at 600. It worked well with the regular Pizza dough recipe, but with the Neapolitan recipe it was just a bit off. Aluminum has a melting point at 1200 F. Is it a warping issue ? Or perhaps safety? I am wondering if I should get the temp to 700 first and then insert the DoJoe and close the top vent. Thoughts?
  3. evandood

    First Week

    So, I have 1 week in with my Classic Joe. We have cooked every night. Most nights I have filled it fairly high with the KJ Lump Coal. Direct cooking except for the night we made Pizza. This grill is awesome. It is extremely easy to regulate at higher temps. Tonight I used half the amount of coal as I have been, I was still able to get the grill to 450 very quickly for some great Pork Chops tonight. The DoJoe is coming Saturday. Can't wait to try that out. After I get the higher temp stuff under my belt I will try to cook a Pork Shoulder next week. I need to get some decent gloves, or I need to be more careful !
  4. Just bought a KJ Classic at Lowes. I must be getting old, dang thing was tough getting into my Jeep. Set up was a breeze in less than an hour I was direct cooking some brats. Quick question, I have all the vents closed now to conserve the fuel. If I wanted to reheat the brats later, how long will the grill retain heat? I had it up to 500. Thanks all, I was lurking for a bit, this forum caused me to take the plunge.
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