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  1. I think it just did not cook long enough. Still makes for good sandwiches. I leave it on the kamado until internal temp is 203, then let it rest for at least an hour, covered. Usually ends up being a 12 hour cook time pending the size of the Pork Butt.
  2. Welcome! I am fairly new here myself, and just got my first Kamado. I joined awhile ago to read and learn about kamado style cookers and also get some good recipes. Lots of helpful people around here.
  3. Had it for one week, and used it three times. I have a call into Weber, since it does wobble more than I would like. For $700 more I would suggest getting the one on the cart, even though it looks like the second gen cart is also cheaper. I will say, the E6 kamado cooks really, really well. December in MN. 23-35 degrees. Cooked Pork Butt yesterday. 12.5 hours at 230-240. I let it run for another three and a half hours at 230 just to see if it could. It can. 16 hours, and I could have let it keep going. I just to not like the instability of the cheap base they now have it on. If I had seen and handled it before making the purchase, I would not have purchased just because it feels cheap. I am hoping support has a decent solution. i would prefer to keep it since it is an amazing cooker. I hope they offer me some kind of solution to beef up the stand. I would pay for the original stand, but it would be legs, triangle base, wheels and supports. Pretty sure that will bring the cost to the same as the gen1 model.... I will let you all know what Weber says.
  4. I can agree with this. I still need to drop another 20 pounds. When I quit booze completely, the weight drops off easy with keto.
  5. Just ordered the base model. Have no idea when it will ship. This was more "Shut up and take my money" I have wanted one of these for a while
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