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  1. Was looking at my slo roller yesterday. The gap between the top plate and the piece it sets on is not even all the way around. In fact it appears to touch in some places and have a gap in others? Is this correct or is mine maybe warped? Thanks
  2. Howdy John, Quick question. I have a Fireboard thermometer, I would like to set the alarm for overnight cooks. Attaching the ambient probe to the grate is fine during the day when I can check the dome temp also but at night it would be nice to be getting the dome temp on the Fireboard. How are you attaching the the ambient probe to the Kamado Joe thermometer? Thank you, Brock
  3. What temp would you cook this on the DOJoe? Thank you, Brock
  4. So why use the heat deflector instead of the slo roller on any cooks? If they are both indirect and the slo roller works better. Thank you
  5. So if I put charcoal on only one side. Then put the deflector on the other side. Obviously I can cook direct over the non-deflector side. But on the deflector side would the heat be any different than if the divider was removed from the basket? Seems like the ceramic cooking all the way around would make it so it didn't matter if the charcoal was on one side or both on the deflector side? Thanks,
  6. I am waiting on the arrival of my Big Joe III. It comes with a divided charcoal basket. Is that divider just to be used to cook over direct heat on one side of the grill? Thank you,
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