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  1. Yea im on the older BKK where it has the sliding door at the bottom, so that was fully closed but the fan was unobstructed it had a clear path to blow as much air as needed. I used a pizza stone so I have a feeling it was holding too much heat and potentially taking pressure off the charcoal and thus allowing the charcoal to go out too much... will definitely have to try with the factory difusser, do put water in yours? or is it dry? yea i think this was the problem, it overshoots the temp and the stone held so much heat that by the time the temp is coming down the coal is pretty much out so the fan has to work extra hard to get it up again and then just overshoots it again. i also think the flameboss programming could be better.. it seems to wait too much while the temp is dropping even if it overshoots the temp.. so say i'm targeting 225 and it overshoots to 255, it won't kick in the fan until it's at like 220, well the temp already dropped 35 degrees by that point... in a BKK to drop 35 degrees when you're that low already you have to have like 0 heat production in the keg... so i think if the flameboss program did some little bursts of air even when the temp needs to drop it could keep the coals somewhat lit better so that when it did get to 220 it wasn't so much work to get back to 225.
  2. just wondering what do you use as a diffuser? I used the BKK diffuser wire but a pizza stone as the diffuser not the bowl that it comes with, wondering if I used the bowl and filled it with water it would hold as much heat.
  3. any chance you've been able to get it to be more accurate than my experience above? or your results so far are about the same?
  4. just wondering if anyone else here uses a flameboss controller? I did my first low and slow on the keg and found the flameboss to be somewhat inaccurate.... I come from a weber kettle where I had it installed there and on the kettle it was literally able to keep the temp within a 5-8 Fahrenheit range so it was very consistent, doing a brisket on the kettle i could go 12+ hours and it would have the temp pinned the entire time between 220-230. Now on the Keg I found it would let the temp drop and by the time the fan kicked it the charcoal was already so put out that it would drop another 5-10 Fahrenheit before finally heating up and then it would work so hard to heat up that it would sometimes overshoot the temperature by up to 30 Fahrenheit. Essentially while I was trying to maintain say 225 it would drop sometime to 210 and then skyrocket up to 255. I essentially had the top vent at 1 sometime playing with it to 1.5, bottom vent was closed so that only air from the flameboss would come in. any tips? anyone else able to get it to work better?
  5. Sorry to start this thread as I know it’s been discussed 1000x but I think I’m coming at it from a slightly different angle... so I have a Weber kettle with a slow n sear, pizza attachment and a flame boss 400. So I have no problems holding low stable temperature for smoking, I can hit 800F to do pizza and two zone cooking is I mean the kettles bread and butter. most arguments I see for the Kamado’s is the temp stability but I mean the flame boss already handles it for me So I don’t see the benefit there. Another is the ability for high temp but I mean I can sear no problem on the kettle and I don’t see any situation I would need a consistent 700F+ dome temp other than pizza which again with the pizza kettle isn’t an issue. the only benefit I can think of that I don’t have covered is fuel cost, the Weber kettle burns more charcoal for the same temps but is it really that much more to justify the Kamado? I mean in accessories I’m just short the cost of something like a pit boss or vision Kamado so I get my situation is unique, sort of. reason I’m bringing this up is there is a decent sale on a Kamado Joe classic and I always thought I’d upgrade to a Kamado one day but even at the sale price I’m struggling to justify the cost with my current setup being what it is... is there anything else I’m missing that could justify the Kamado?
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