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  1. Fantastic looking Kamado. Personally I'd clean it up and learn to use it. Especially since it was your grandmothers. I think you will find that it is a refractory and not ceramic. My refractory fire box was cracked as well when I picked it up. Was an easy fix. Get in touch with a refractory company that builds kilns and stuff. They'll have some refractory mortar. Here's my fix. Has held together for numerous cooks since with no sign of cracking again. I keep my cooks under 450f.
  2. I found that myself, and I haven't even used it yet!
  3. Thanks for taking those pics. I judged pretty well from your first photo regarding the height of the deflector. I set it at 110mm from the top of the grill lip. As for the extra grill plate, I might just weld the bars to the rack instead of making a removable grate, then make another that I can toss on the rack that I made for the deflector plate for searing. What's your thoughts?
  4. Got the heat deflector sorted. Bought a kiln shelf and cut it to suit. Picked up some 1/4" round bar and made a rack for it. 2 1/2" gap all round the deflector.
  5. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for replying. You've done a fantastic job on your resto. I only hope that mine comes up half as good. You've never worried about high temps in your kamado. I was under the impression that the refractory shouldn't be taken above 500f. Seeing your pictures gives me a much better idea of how this kamado should go back together. Can I ask a favor? Can you please measure how far down from the grill grate lip the deflector bracket sits. This one didn't come with the bracket that you have in your pictures and I've been trying to work out how far above the coals to place the deflector that I'm making. Could I also ask you to post some more pictures of the extension grill. Is that a separate grate that sits on top of the frame that I have in this picture?
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'd be interested to see photos of your set up. I have done away with the gas burner because I just wanted this kamado for charcoal. I still have all of the parts though, so it wouldn't be too hard to set it up again. Wht do you find the gas so good? I've started a resto thread here - https://smokefireandfood.com/forum/index.php?thread/5565-kamado-k7-kamado-rocket-resto/ Let me know your thoughts. I'd be interested in any input that you have.
  7. Golf Griller - I just about spat my coffee all over my computer! That's gold. Bet it was done only the once. marauders The problem with being in Australia is that very little of anything is available. I did find a supplied South of us that has posted me a refractory mortar that he believes will do the job. As for the ash, I read that somewhere in another post on here that it was a good idea to leave a layer in the bottom to work as a heat shield for the base. I'll follow that suggestion.
  8. I thought that may have been the only way to clean the ash out, but thought I'd ask anyway. Been hit a few times with the vacuum have you? I've read a few threads on the repairs, but am thinking that I may even leave it in 2 pieces. They fit neatly into the main body and being 2 parts should allow for expansion without cracking any further. Either that, or I'm over thinking the whole thing!
  9. I found a guy over here that's had one for 25 years. His suggestion is to do as you've said. He has only removed the round center grate and uses a Kick Ash basket. Reason being that the charcoal bowl ring deflects the heat from the coals away from the bottom of the kamado, thus reducing the chance of cracking. How are you cleaning the ash out? My charcoal bowl ring needs a fair bit of love! I was going to clean it up and use a refractory mortar to basically glue it together. Any thoughts on this?
  10. Had a really good run today. The top vent had me worried after reading Addertooths encounter with his. Mine was all seized up and refused to budge as well. Pulled out the Yield and soaked it for an hour before trying to work it loose. This stuff is the best rust perpetrator that I've ever come across. Put a heap of pressure on it and it moved. Worked it back and forwards a few times, ran a die nut up the underside of the thread (3/4" Whit) and bingo, I won! Cleaned the thread up, ran a couple of notches along the thread to hopefully stop this happening again, then added a stainless split pin and washer to stop the vent coming right out if someone decides to unscrew it too far. Cleaned up the underside and also the tiles and grout on the outside. Really happy with how this part's come up. Pics are before and after.
  11. Great information thank you. I thought that the trolley was a home made job. On the removal of the heat shield, does this create any problems with the extra heat being radiated into the bottom of the main body from the charcoal basket? I;m thinking that it may be the way to go considering the cracking problems with the original heat shield.
  12. I was looking closely at the Rocket Kamado and saw the brackets that they use for the deflector. Easy enough to make. Does anyone have the measurement down from the grill lip to the deflector? Another thing that I noticed is that the Rocket looks like it doesn't have the refractory heat shield under its charcoal basket. The basket just appears to sit on the ledge. What's peoples thoughts on this idea, or am I not seeing it right?
  13. So, the first couple of questions that I have, Does anyone know of a charcoal basket that will fit from either Weber, Kamado Joe or BGE that will fit into this grill? All of these brands are readily available in Australia, so reasonably easy to pick one up. There's no heat deflector in it. I did read that a 16" pizza stone is the right size, but what does it sit on, and how far below the bottom of the main grill does it need to be to work well? Plenty of questions to come yet!
  14. These are the bits and pieces that came with it.
  15. Hi, I'm new to the Kamado world and am embarking on a K7 project. I recently picked a Kamado that requires a bit of love before I can learn how to use it. The biggest problem I have is that I am in Australia and I can find very little in the way of information or parts over here. I have read through Addertooths restoration thread about a dozen times and have learnt a great deal about this unit. I have a heap of questions about the grill, but will attack them one at a time so as to be not too painful. Here's some pics of the K7 now.
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