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  1. Like, I've been throwing away any pieces small enough to fall through the charcoal basket. But what about pieces just barely big enough to stay in? Do you keep using them, even if they're essentially big pebbles? Or is that too small? Picture of what I mean:
  2. So I'm apparently sorta clumsy, and straight up dropped a cheeseburger cheese-side-down against the side of my KJ3 while trying to take it off the grill. Big ol' cheese spot on the side of the grill now. I scraped the actual cheese off, but there's a discolored spot on the ceramic now. Is this dangerous? I'm worried that oil seeped into the ceramic or something, and now it'll snap in half there the next time it gets hot. Or something. Hoping that I'm being a worry-wort, here. :p Thanks!
  3. I watched this video a week ago, and honestly thought, "So you light the lighter cube, let it catch, then close the top and leave the vents open for 15 or 20 minutes? It can't be that easy, everyone seems to complain about getting up to temp!" Well, I got my KJ yesterday, and wanted to cook steaks for my first cook. Followed the instructions I remembered from the video, and it got up to about 600 degrees in about 15 minutes. So glad I saw this video. It was much simpler than a lot of other solutions I'd seen, but worked great. Thanks!
  4. Well, near Houston, at least. Just got my Kamado Joe Classic III (that's a lot to type) yesterday! Never cooked on charcoal before, and haven't cooked on a grill at all since I was like 15. So.. awhile. Lots to try and figure out. Very excited about the smoker aspect of this thing too, which might go without saying. I did manage to get a couple of really good steaks out of it last night, so at least I know I can start a fire! Going to try ribs either today or tomorrow, because I've got a few days off and figure the best thing to do with that is cook and eat various types of animals. (Not the best time for it, with hamburger costing 8 bucks a pound at the Kroger down the street... but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) This place gets a lot of good recommendations as THE place to go to learn more, so hopefully I'll be good at learning more. We'll see!
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